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 Buy The Sneaker, Nike Dunk Low "Free 99" will be launched in two versions based on white and black. The official picture brought to you this time is the black version. The shoe body uses black leather as the base tone, and then uses dark brown to create the Nike Swoosh logo on the side of the shoe. Although light yellow, light blue, pink, light green, etc. are used in the leather parts of the other parts of the shoe body, the color settings of the left and right foot parts are different, so it is brought for Nike Dunk Low "Free 99" Even more different mandarin duck color effect. For example, the toe fender of the left foot is light blue, and the right foot is light green. Even the inner lining fabric of the shoe barrel is presented in different colors. The patch on the tongue is turned into light blue and light green leather, and the Nike Swoosh logo is embossed and painted in brown to make the Swoosh logo more three-dimensional.

Cheap Jordans For Girl 2021, Nike Dunk Low "Easter" is also "Light Soft Pink", using white leather as the base tone, the right foot uses a lake green color to create the Nike Swoosh logo on the side of the shoe, and the Nike Swoosh logo on the left foot is pink purple. The leather pieces of the shoe body use pink purple, pink blue, lake green and other colors, which are the same as Nike Dunk Low "Free 99". Because the color settings of the left and right feet are different, this Nike pair Dunk Low also showed the effect of mandarin duck color. The shoe tongue is embossed with brown Nike Swoosh logo in lake green and pink purple, making the Swoosh logo more textured.
Jordan Release 2020, The inner lining of the shoe tube is made of pink and pink-purple, and the leather pieces at the heel position are all yellow, and the words "NIKE" in brown are embossed. Yellow is used on the tongue and outsole, and recycled materials are added to the outsole, showing unique spots, making this pair of Dunk Low even more eye-catching. The color matching of the leather piece at the heel position is the same as the inner lining fabric of the left and right feet. The embroidered word "NIKE" above is black, which echoes the black tone of the shoe model. At the same time, several "Free.99" mandarin duck color price tags are printed on the insoles to echo the theme of the shoes. White and orange are used on the outsole to make the rich color of the shoe more prominent.

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