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 Southern League of Kingdoms Mountain Battle, Panthers lost again to LOLGA  click( the saints, losing the initiative to regain the title of the Southern League. In the face of saints players left hiding right flash, Panthers defensive group missed the missed tackle, 269 yards pass and 148 yards red ball, the Panthers shot the opponent for the first time this season 400 yards offensive, the second opponent Touchdown 4 times (the first time against the Saints in the first leg).


Saints red ball duo continue to triumph, veteran Mark - Ingram have a record 72 yards red ball, but the rookie Alvin - Kamala milestone in this field to achieve this goal in 60 yards after the ball and 66 yards catch the ball , He used only 12 games to become the third rookie in the history of the first single season to reach 600 yards rushing ball and 600 yards catch.
With a record of 2 wins and 10 losses, the Giants fired General Manager Jerry - Reese and coach - McCarthy. The team last played such a bleak record in 1976, it happens to be the team last time midway through the coach. McCarthy has also become the manager of the Giants 92 years since the team's first two years of dissatisfaction coach.