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 It was one of the things I miss about WoW Classic. It is baffling that Blizzard was blind to the mywowgold wow classic gold reality that so many people overlook that element of WoW Classic. I liked having to work to find a group and I enjoyed the journey of getting to the dungeon. People were more accountable, they spoke, they were less inclined to give up. Sometimes you'd get attacked by the faction in your way there and that might just be another piece of the experience. I truly miss it.

Fantastic video but I thought we would find a talk. Allowed Tips asked concerning the sharding, loot commerce and right click report as one query, but not speaking and giving illustrations what will (or most likely) happen. You say they are listening to podcasts like this? 
Excellent but all they hear is the same old question(s) and that we have concerns but little talk.The CD on mana baskets was approximately 1 minute, and it was common for a Mage to utilize mana pots also, and during each raid-boss struggle on some longer dungeon bosses. 
However, Evocation needed a CD of about 6 minutes back then (I think this dropped to around 2 mins in TBC), and WOULD be gold in wow classic (https://www.mywowgold.com/Wow-classic-Gold.html)interrupted by taking hurt. Additionally, there were also the mana gems, and it was routine for Mages to conjure among every rank of mana stone (4 positions I believe ) before every boss fight.These matters helped Mages a LOT, however, I would not go so far as to say we never used to run out of mana. We routinely had to hold-back on abilities to , especially in longer raid-boss fights. It was common for a Mage to use his Wand for a couple seconds prior to the CD of a mana pot/gem or Evocation was up.
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