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 It may raise questions of Green Bay's ability to Madden nfl 20 coins beat a team with an elite defense, something they'll surely have to do once the playoffs roll around. On the other side, we'll get a chance to see just how legit the Panthers are — not that they still need to prove that their 7-0 record is no fluke — but it will again be a great way for Cam Newton and Carolina to assert themselves as the leading contender for the number one seed in the conference. This game has the potential to be another key tie-breaker down the line when seeding is happening.

Stephen: I won't think much less of the Panthers if they lose this one against the Packers. Especially if it's close. But even if it isn't, shit just happens sometimes and I feel like the Panthers are allowed to be off a week or two out of 17.
 At the same time the Packers are definitely going to be super motivated heading into that game after their loss Sunday night to the buy Mut 20 coins Broncos. The winner of this game is very likely to end up having the top seed in the NFC overall, and I am sure the Packers would rather be at home in the playoffs rather than on the road at any point.
 That's why I think you will probably see both teams give it their best shot, but regardless of who is ahead when that final horn blows both of those teams have shown themselves to be legit Superbowl contenders to me so far this season and that won't have changed based on one game.


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