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 My cousin was playing Buy OSRS gold that game and I'd gone to spend over in northern Ireland and introduced me to it. And I played with it when I got back to the OSRS gold US for a while and while I was there. It might have been in 1998(going back and looking at the timing, has to have been a different game - but quite similar. I guess I have no idea what that other match was).

After watching Runescape, I understand I definitely played the Runequest I visit here, but it was several years later when I went looking for the game I'd played but couldn't remember the title, but believed it had been Runequest. What triggered my memory of that saw , in one of the clips here, the sharks in the inventory of someone - and the runes too. That second time(* if the first was that ) I played could have been 2001 or 2002. Played for a year or so before college got too busy to keep playing frequently.
Therefore it was really neat to see Runescape and see how the game evolved so or since I last played in 2003. I recall trying to best place to buy rsgold go back and find my account name whether it was there if the version was about to be phased out, but could not to find out never did locate the name.
 But very fond memories of Runescape back in college - spending ages slamming rocks till they shifted color hehe and trying to accelerate my fishing. I think my proudest achievement was to finally buy a house after selling and crafting for a bit. Thanks for the excellent memories.
I've observed some vids now about other mmo games which have died through time and never have looked at these, and the images - yet viewing that Runescape is still here now, shows you that its really the game theory and experience that make these types of games continue, rather than flashy images and all that.
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