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 Ok that you simulate the wow classic gold buy queue and wait an hour prior to logging in. Also anytime you disconnect. You have lost your mind if you believe literally hundreds of folks clogging everything standing on vendors camping all of the quest mobs and lagging everything(actual pleasure! masterfully crafted!) . 

You are asking them to cripple gameplay because you don't care, or perhaps you are lonely. People wish to play with what little time they've, and progress. Most of us you see will stop in a month anyways.
I was hoping to hear your view on the entire itemization issue that was progressive. You mentioned the things that were added afterwards into Vanilla coming with Stage 5, but what about items that existed? I'm in the camp that believes having the 1.12 variations of some of those pieces of equipment available for MC would be somewhat broken and surely inauthentic.
 It is just strange to me that they'd go through the trouble to emulate a quirk and not tackle items which were buffed significantly throughout the course of Vanilla.
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