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And yet, so much of discussion around Mmogo Fortnite Items orbits its own face. Strip away the meme dances, the Fortnite Items $20 skins, the star streamers, the brash teens. What is left is only a creative, surprising, hilarious, and totally unique shooter. It's a near perfect PC game. And it's free.
The construction system and bright, cartoony world bring me back to playing with toys as a child --it's the infrequent multiplayer game where the more imaginative and creative you're, the greater. Largely, though, I have enjoyed seeing Fortnite evolve week-by-week, keeping its countless gamers on their toes by constantly upending the meta. Thus far, at least, Epic has cared about catering to the competitive arena, while the rest of the world is distressed to start the upcoming major esport. Think about just how amazing that is: the biggest game on the planet is being designed with a cavalier spaghetti-on-the-wall mentality.
Jarred: I seldom make it into the final 10 when I play, but the normal limited time manners are a great diversion. They are chaotic and sometimes don't get the job done, but the 50v50 fort conflicts were amazing. I probably caused more harm than good, but my group won roughly half the time.
As someone who's written up what seems like one million limitation notes for Fortnite, the breakneck speed at which updates roll out for the fortnite weapons buy match is incredible--incorporating new modes, tools, revisions into the map, and changing how that people play instantly. The Infinity Blade was in the game and gone before I had a minute to boot it up. It has changed expectations of what exactly a continuing, dwell game means, and I can not find any other developers will be able to maintain.
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