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 I've noticed a great deal of complaints regarding paladins lately, with regard to Mmogo com buy wow classic gold combat options that were restricted and their low dps. But what gamers are forgetting is that the principal reason Blizzard Paladins. Paladins were not intended to be, as most assert. Instead, paladins were designed to be played while downloading pornography.Paladins have approximately zero combat interaction, thus making them the perfect role to play while downloading huge amounts of hardcore porn. Only target a monster, hit"1", and minimize your window. Settle back and revel in the wonderful girl on girl action.

After a moment, I return to WoW Classic, and my Paladin is alive and ready to loot the corpse. This is exactly what makes grinding really pleasurable and convenient for me; the capability to simultaneously watch girls have sex with each other and level up at precisely the same moment. I doubt any other class has this elegantly designed system, and that I applaud Blizzard for their foresight in crafting a character that I can play while playing with myself.
DPS? Who wants it? Combat Interactivity? Overrated. I'd much rather interact with the girls. Yes, even a paladin was made for the Mmogo lightbringer wow gold sole intention of surviving a fight while you stream hot porn directly to your computer. That's why we have the high armor course, healing abilities, and the low, low DPS.As for PvP, nothing is much better than getting into Battlegrounds and soaking up the honor points while I see girls take off their clothes for money. I doubt Rogues get any opportunity to watch pornography while attempting to vanish and stand up combo points, and I wager Shamans haven't seen a single naked breast while figuring out which totem to throw down before choosing which shock they will cast next.
In addition to grinding, we have. Hammer of Justice allows a quick 6 second glimpse in a naked lady while our competition is stunned, and Divine Shield allows a leisurely 8 seconds of quality right-hand moment. These are. We ought to thank the nice programmers at Blizzard for crafting a personality that is great to grind with while grinding your loins.
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