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around, as evidenced in the Medallion system. Essentially, every time a player loses they collect a medallion, and once they finally win those to <a href="">NBA 2K17 VC</a> medallions (up to 5 total) can be cashed in for more Iron Banner reputation.On top of that, players will have more rewards available for participating in the Iron Banner, either by completing IB bounties or winning matches to gain reputation. Those rewards will include new weapons, shaders, and armor pieces (gauntlets and boots) that will get players closer to level 30. Players will -lauded PlayStation Plus version were also absent entirely.Although Evolution then tried to address these server issues, the developer has not been entirely successful. Patches were released and Evolution announced that most players should be able to connect, but some gamers were still stuck – then things took a step back, with many


still need to complete the Vault of Glass raid to get all the way to 30, but this will bring them closer.And finally, Iron Banner 2.0 is introducing a new to <a href="">MYNBA2K17 RP</a> feature called Reforging that will let players reset and upgrade their weapons in new ways. We still don't know how exactly it works, or which weapons can be reforged, but the prospect is intriguing.Despite failing the first time around, Iron Banner 2.0 has the potential to reinvigorate the Destiny fan base with the promise of new gear, new features, and lots more bounties. Obviously, having difficulty connecting at peak times of the day. Just two weeks ago, Evolution again announced that there was still work to do to make the game fully-functional.Although some may have appreciated Evolution's honesty about the situation, it's been yet another AAA title being released with serious issues, and unsurprisingly


this event is focused on multiplayer fans, and it's nice to see them get a little love from Bungie. Having no way to get close to level 30 in PvP was a bummer, and now Bungie is taking strides to change that.All that being said, we'll have to wait and see if Iron Banner 2.0 succeeds where 1.0 failed. In practice, Bungie seems to have a handle on what they want to improve, but in reality they don't always deliver.What do you think of the Iron Banner relaunch? Will you spend considerable time in the Crucible event? BungieFollow Anthony on packs for free.Players will get access to the Ignition Expansion Pack and Photo-Finish Tour Pack, alongside two livery packs. This gives players a total of 5 new cars, 22 new tour events, and 10 new trophies, as well as 10 new livery items to play with online and offline. These will be available in America on November 25. Evolution


Twitter @ANTaormina 'DriveClub' Buyers Receive Free Premium DLC as Compensation. DriveClub's launch has been anything but smooth. Evolution Studios' racer showed huge amounts of promise, yet was hit with delay after delay. When DriveClub was finally released, the game itself was solid if unspectacularwhen players could even get it to work. The title was plagued by connection issues at launch, leaving buyers with little more than the Tour mode to keep them occupied, while the promised dynamic weather mechanics and a much plenty of first-month buyers of DriveClub have been left frustrated at the experience. Now, Evolution is looking to address how to compensate players who have waited for full functionality. In a Facebook update, the developer has revealed that those who purchased a full copy of DriveClub will receive November's premium DLC to

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