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 a peak figure of 45,398 concurrent players when it launched back in December 2013, by October 2014 that had dropped to 20,483. That figure did pick back up to Neverwinter gold 28,421 concurrent players in November 2014, but figures soon started declining again. This is especially apparent when April 2015's figures (25,784 concurrent players) are compared to May 2015's (13,104 concurrent players), showing that in just one month, DayZ's player base decreased by almost half.Some of this decline can be attributed to the release of H1Z1. The rival title is also a zombie-based MMO which has been been out since January, launching with some of the features on DayZ's 2015 roadmap such as player stamina and vehicles – but more importantly it was made available at a cheaper price. The other reason for the (recent) drop-off in concurrent DayZ players may just be the lead up to summer, as people spend less time playing games and more time outside in the warm weather.But this doesn't mean that Bohemia will have nothing to worry about when the cold weather picks back up. Not only will it be difficult for the developer to encourage new DayZ players to buy the game on account of that price hike (another price increase is planned for the end of the year) but the competition from H1Z1 will get even fiercer in a few months too. H1Z1's developer says


that they anticipate a full release later this year at which point H1Z1 will go free to play. If they can release the PS4 version of H1Z1 quickly to  Buy Cheap ROI Gold  Bohemia could be in some real trouble. Steam Charts 4K 'Fallout 4 Screenshot is Detailed, But Familiar. One of the joys of playing a long-standing series like Fallout is seeing the graphics evolve over the years. From Fallout's humble isometric-view beginnings to its expansive, first and third-person views that allowed players to fully immerse themselves in the detailed world of Fallout 3, the series produces improved visuals with every iteration. Fallout 4 will take Fallout graphics even higher, with plans to fully utilize ultra-high resolutions on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and modern gaming PCs. Bethesda is already tantalizing gamers with what the game is visually capable of, and has released its first 4K screenshot demonstrating the game's visual depth.Gamers whodisappointed to know that the screenshot is a higher-resolution version of one of the screenshots Bethesda already released prior to the Fallout 4 trailer. Bethesda has already announced plans to hold Fallout 4 panels at E3, so it doesn't come as much of a surprise that they seem to be saving new information and images until then. Even so, the teaser image obviously had a lot of work put into it to tease some of the most iconic


creations of the Fallout series, like the Brotherhood of Steel armor, Nuka-Cola, Vault-Tec bobbleheads, and some of the weaponry in the game, and those details are made even more clear in 4K. Click the image below to see it in its full ultra high-resolution grandeur.This 4K still image looks amazing, so playing through the Fallout version of Boston in 4K should be a sight to behold. The extremely high-resolution capabilities should act as a nice springboard for modders to work from, too. Considering Bethesda series like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls always get a bevy of mods that fine-tune the graphics even further, one can only imagine how amazing the game will look in 4K by the time the modders are done with it.Bethesda certainly knows how to keep gamers anxiously awaiting their next title, and the fan response has been obvious, with Fallout 3's sales skyrocketing following the announcement of Fallout 4. While this screenshot doesn't tease any new information, the trailer did offer many hints at what we can expect from the game. Fallout 4 will be playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and more release details are on the way from Bethesda’s upcoming E3 2015 press conference.Source: Fallout 4 Official Site Is 'Destiny's Tower are eager to glean something new about Fallout 4 may be


Located in Nepal?. A few months ago, we shared some evidence that supported the claim that Destiny's famous Tower is located in Chile. The Buy Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold  gamer who provided the information used the geographical landscape and the angle of shadows to determine the Tower's location.Now, another gamer, who goes by Fuzzoff on Reddit, has made a new claim for where Destiny's Tower is located. According to Fuzzoff, the Tower is actually located in Pokhara Napal, halfway around the world from Chile.While Fuzzoff doesn't use the same scientific reasoning that the first gamer used, the evidence is still fairly convincing. The main telling feature, according to Fuzzoff, is that the mountains in the background of the below picture of Pokhara, Napal are a perfect match to the mountains that can be seen out the window by the Vanguards in the Destiny Tower. Those mountains are even more noticeable over by Saladin.After comparing the picture to the mountains in Destiny, it's hard to argue with the logic of this

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