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could push up the release date for the title.Following the game's awesome reveal trailer, it's not surprising to hear that enough consumers were excited enough to drop some coin on the ARK's early build. It'll be interesting to see just how much more popular the dinosaur-filled title becomes, but stay tuned to Game Rant for more updates on it in the near future. ARK: Survival Evolved is currently available on Steam Early Access for Neverwinter gold Windows, OS X, and Linux. Without a doubt, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is one of the most highly anticipated titles of the year. In fact, some fans would argue that its showing at E3 2015 made for one of the best gameplay demos presented at the press conference. So whether it's because of the game's award-winning multiplayer, its epic story campaign, or its zombies mode, a lot of players are definitely excited about the first-person shooter's imminent release.Although the futuristic FPS offers many different ways to experience the game, the majority of fans would say that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gameplay they're looking forward to the most is its multiplayer feature. With that in mind, franchise devotees should be thrilled to know that Treyarch Studios have officially


announced that Black Ops 3's multiplayer beta will go live for August 19.While the beta is set to be released first for the PlayStation 4, likely due to Cheap Neverwinter gold   Activision's exclusivity deal with Sony, the test will eventually be available for the Xbox One and PC at a later date. Setting aside the delight of PlayStation 4 fans, it should be known that in order to get in to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's beta, gamers must first pre-order the title so as to gain access.In light of this announcement, it's worthy of note that casual gamers looking forward to testing Black Ops 3's new features – namely, the fresh Specialist classes – should set their expectations to an even keel, as our multiplayer preview at E3 2015 gave us mixed results. However, Call of Duty diehards ought to be pleased with Treyarch Studios sticking with classic standbys such as the scorestreaks and perks, as well as their incorporation of several dynamic implementations, such as special abilities akin to Destiny's Supers. We're excited to announce that the BlackOps3 Multiplayer Beta will begin on 8/19 starting on PS4. More information coming soon! With all of this in mind, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 may not raise the bar in terms of revolutionary gameplay, but it is important to observe that Activision and Treyarch Studios are at least attempting more rather than just slapping a fresh coat of paint on the series. In fact, both companies took a big risk after changing the business model by switching to



how once-indie blockbuster titles like Minecraft first became available, and it's evident that this option allows developers to receive feedback crucial to the growth of the games – while also padding out the developers' wallets a little in the process.Still, considering that ARK: Survival Evolved only just became available on Steam's digital storefront for Windows' users on June 2 of this year, it's an impressive feat that the game has shifted over a million copies to date. Considering that the game has since arrived for OS X and Linux on July 1, it's not surprising to hear that PC sales are on the uptick, nor are they likely to dial down at any point in the near future.Console gamers may be able to get in on the action soon enough as well, as Microsoft has announced that pre-release offerings are coming to Xbox One in the near future. Even though the game isn't set to arrive on PlayStation 4 and the aforementioned Microsoft console until some point next year, the ability to pre-sell ARK: Survival Evolved online heists now under their belt, Rockstar set its sights on follow up DLC that would allow players to spend this dirty money



a three year development cycle in order to make vast improvements to the title so as to ensure a quality product gets released.Regardless, for the time being, Call of Duty retains its status as one of the most recognizable franchises in the industry, which should ensure that Black Ops 3 garners some successful day one figures. And although it may sound gimmicky at first, Marshawn Lynch's inclusion as a villain ought to Buy Cheap Neverwinter gold get the game even more press once it releases later this year. Upon release, Grand Theft Auto 5 was hailed as Rockstar’s crowning achievement, mixing high stakes heists and a gripping storyline with the frantic, kill-whoever-you-want gameplay fans known and love. But after it hit shelves, gamers found themselves wanting more. Rockstar listened, and kept the game supplied with a steady stream of DLC, ranging from new weapons to new vehicles. But fans continued to clamor for the DLC Rockstar had promised before Grand Theft Auto 5 launched, the mythical online heists.While Rockstar took it’s sweet time getting the oft-promised missions out, they eventually saw release, allowing eager fans to team up with friends online to rob and kill to their hearts content. With the

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