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  Win all-new shark outfits on Treasure Hunter – savage, fishing-boosting gear that is certain to RuneScape Gold create a splash!From 00:00 GMT on twenty sixth March till 23:59 GMT on thirtieth March, these musclebound marine monstrosities are going to be up for grabs.Thefive piece outfit are often won inthree colors – regular, tiger and burnt - and sporting a full set grants bonuses to Fishing training:+5% catching probability (stacks with the decision of the ocean aura)chow any fish you catch (can be toggled) – all the XP with no dropping or bank runningIf you own the fishing outfit, the shark outfit can impart its bonuses stillCombine the items of the 3 outfits to create the fury shark outfit. This has all of the advantages of the opposite shark outfits, and:AN inflated catching probability bonus: +7% in total100% probability to catch an additional fish probability to save lots of bait whereas fishingCreatures within the Living Rock Caverns can become non-aggressive towards you are often switched between any of the shark outfit colorsFor the primary 3 days, one among the outfits can accessible on Treasure Hunter. On the last 2 days, you will be ready to win any of the 3 outfits.Note that times run from 00:00 GMT to


23:59 GMT on every given day.twenty sixth March: Shark Outfittwenty seventh March: requiem to Buy RuneScape Gold shark Outfittwenty eighth March: Burnt shark Outfittwenty ninth &thirtieth March: All 3 OutfitsWe hope you get pleasure from the fishing bonuses that these awing outfits supply. allow us to grasp what you think that over on the forums!The RuneScape TeamWhat is Treasure Hunter?Treasure Hunter may be a minigame – playable from at intervals RuneScape - wherever players use Keys to say in-game things as prizes. These vary from helpful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.Playing Treasure Hunter is straightforward – click the chest icon that pops up after you log in. If you haven't vie before, simply follow the on-screen guide.Everyone gets a minimum of one Key per day, and RuneScape members get 2. you'll earn additional Keys whereas taking part in the sport, or fill up by redeeming Bonds.If you want additional, you'll additionally get Keys on the web site, or by clicking 'Buy Keys' at intervals the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.Previous: BTS Video Easter Eggs perimentsNext: NO Verification at rsgole


Home over to the new 'Events and Competitions' forum, and in there you can see all of next week's upcoming events: The A-Maze-Ing Challenge on Thursday 5th March, which is looking like a clan camp puzzle. A community live stream on Monday 9th, starting at the exiled Kalphite Hive. A Skill and Chill with Mod Lee at 01:00 UTC (game time), on Wednesday 11th March. A Nex Mass with Mod Lee, at 01:30 game time, Saturday 14th March.ArtworkWe've had a gorgeous drawing of Commander Zilyana in from J e ss i c a – just look at those eyes! For Valentine's day, Aadizooke created this wonderful story of Morvran – we thought it was a good'un!Look out for further details of the Players' Gallery – coming soon. For now, feast your eyes on the winner of the 48th gallery: We, of the Tarddiad, by Pomar1.Previous: is 3 years old Send Free GiveawaysNext: Runescape Programmer Posseses An Undisclosed MMO From The Functions


  The Ninjas have been sprucing up Skillcapes and Polishing Pyramid Plunder in today's two  graphical updates. Chameleon extract is the latest addition at Solomon's Store a marvellous substance that lets you change your character's skin colour. Finally, we've got some further details of the Questival a lore tastic fortnight of community events starting today.SkillcapesLast year, a poll passed to Cheap RuneScape Gold update skillcapes, and in the follow up poll, you opted for a full overhaul to their design. As of today, the iconic capes have a whole new look:There's an added feature, too, as the hood traditionally bundled with the capes can be attached to the cape, so it shows hanging at the back. You can of course detach the hood, if you'd prefer to wear it as usual.Pyramid PlunderThe Ninjas have also turned their attention to Pyramid Plunder, giving the minigame an updated environment, complete with moody, atmospheric lighting. A fresh embalming's done the guardian mummy the world of

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