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recommended). Step 4: Fill in the receiver's information, including name, city and state.Step 5: Select a card type and enter your card number, card expiry date and the card owner name. Then fill in your government-issued ID information and click continue to receive the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).Note: If your payment is successfully, you will receive a MTCN-Money Transfer Control Number, make sure the information from the remitter is as same as which supplied to the receiver.2. Pay through Agent Location: Note: If you choose pay by Western Union through agent location, you should find a bank to send money. Please remember to provide RSGOLE with the following payment information: 1. MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)2. Full name (first name, middle name and last name)3. Your country and state (province)4. The sum of Money5. Your order number (RSGOLE’s order number)3. Pay with Western Union by Phone:Note: After you have sent the money, you must provide RSGOLE with the following payment information:1. MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)2. Full name (first name, middle name and last name)3. Your country and state (province) 4. The sum of Money.5. Your order number (RSGOLE’s order number)Choose Western Union to RS Gold buy cheap Runescape gold at RSGOLE and you will enjoy your RS life easier. So why not have a try?


  Recently someone has pretended to be Jagex to send emails to some of the Cheap RS Gold RS players. RSGOLE herein wants to warn you that do be aware of the Mail Fraud which is in disguise of Jagex. Some of the RS players received the similar email which said that their accounts were caught by Jagex for Real World Trading. One of the email titles is Runescape real world trading notice Case 44 (the numbers are different for different emails) and the content of the email is written as following:You will see the link in the email:http://secure.runescape.com/m=/Hnssasu87/index.ws?mod=offence-appeal&ssl=1But after clicked, it will be:http://secure.runescape.rs/m=/Ky57wLTFQ/loginform.phpAnd the real Jagex login page of account setting is:So DO NOT put your login name and password into the blanks on any trickery page.I put 123 as the login name and the password and clicked Login; then I reached the following page which asked for the password and bank pin:After I put 123 and 1234 in the blanks, I clicked Login again, and then I reached the following page:The cheater knows my login name (123), password (123) and bank pin (1234) now. He/She will log in game with the account details and steal


my RS items and RS gold. (if I put my real account details in).How to identify the real/trickery login page?1.All Jagex pages which need you put your password are protected by “DigiCert”.2.Jagex never ask for your bank pin.If you have received the similar fraud email(s), please ignore and report it (them). And if you have put your login name and password in, please go to the account setting page of RS to reset your password immediately:https://secure.runescape.com/m=weblogin/loginform.ws?mod=www&ssl=1&expired=0&dest=account_settings.ws DO remember that DO NOT put your login name and password on any page you are not sure if it is safe or not!And what’s more, make sure that your runescape password is different from other forum password or any other password. Write it down by hand if necessary. And also please protect your account with the Jagex Account Guardian system for security.


  Went through several scary Halloween horror nights? But what fear really fears? That is our additional Halloween treat only for the buy cheap rs gp newsletter subscribers. It will lasts for 13 nights when you can enjoy the historic low prices for your RS gold and stuff. The link for our special offers of 30% off and 5% free gift will be given only in our newsletter. Do subscribe and let our rockbottom price be your biggest surprise during this Halloween!3 Methods to Subscribe RSGOLE NewsletterSince the link for our special offers will be given only in our newsletter, please choose one way to subscribe our newsletter:1. Using this newsletter subscribe interfacehttp://www.RSGOLE.com/newsletter2. Create an RSGOLE account and accept the acquiescence of subscribing newsletterhttp://www.RSGOLE.com/customer/account/create/3. Subscribe our newsletter via our facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/RSGOLESite/app_123077107711598Guidelines for this Halloween Horror

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