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  Hey guys, Children of Mah is already here. Maybe you can't wait to RS Gold get your hands on it. However, RSgole thinks it still necessary to share some vital points with you so that you can complete the quests more efficiently.How to start the Children of Mah in runescape?Kharshai's in a sticky situation as the quest begins, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Remember to speak to Kharshai beneath Rellekka to start. Join the great and the mighty on an epic jaunt across worlds, relive one of the defining moments of Gielinor's history, and prepare to find out what will happen when Zaros and Zamorak finally meet again.The various rewards of Children of MahSuitably epic, the rewards for Children of Mah include swathes of XP – 100k each in Agility and Divination, plus a tome that awards 100k in a skill of your choice (50k if used on Invention), which can be used three times. Complete the quest in the first two weeks, and you'll get an extra use out of this tome as an Early Bird Bonus.You'll also get access to a new Slayer assignment (unlockable for 50 slayer points). The new enemies can drop new t85 ranged power gloves, which make the Snipe ability 25% more accurate and allow movement while it

charges.Buy cheap rs gold with 8% off for the Children of MahIn order to cope with the new challenge in Children of Mah more efficiently, you must stock enough of cheap runescape gold. You are lucky enough to buy cheap runescape gold with 8% off code "RSOD8" on RSgole in the next few days. One points to be noted that the code is valid if the sum of your order is over than $80.Finally, may you have a great harvest in runescape Children of Mah. Remember to buy cheap runescape gold with 8 off code "RSOD8" for it. You still have the big chance if you decide to make it. Good Luck!The RSgole Team.



  When you first visited Zeah in OSRS, you may hate it for all of the Buy RS Gold  reasons that everyone else did. Now, 10 months later, if you revisit the new Zeah you will absolutely love it. This week Mod West's superb Zeah rework put into OSRS game. Meanwhile, Jagex released the Kourend rework in the game.Mod West's superb Zeah rework put into OSRS gameSince Zeah's release there is been a tonne of feedback from the community. In reality, Mod West's superb Zeah rework put into old school runescape game this week. The content has seen a full map overhaul as well as new life in the city.Taking this on board, Jagex is proud to release the Kourend rework. One of the key pieces of feedback they got was that most of players would like a more natural looking continent.A small island has been added off the south east coastA river now divides the continent, flowing through Hosidius and to the north, to Piscarilius. A small island has also been added off the south east coast, where players can pay a small fee to access additional Sand Crabs to train on. These can be accessed by speaking to the man with the rowboat on the coast.There is a host of improvements of the Kourend eitherThe city of Kourend has also seen a whole host of improvements, populated with more NPCs, stalls, and signs of life, the city has a much more busy feel. The rework extends outside the great houses themselves, with a tonne of content to discover as you explore, you'll meet raving madmen, new allies and even a wise artist.Generally speaking, the areas feel like real locations. There is life given to all of the NPCs, it is much easier to navigate. It may have been planned for a long time, and the graphics looks amazing. Everything is beautiful. May you better enjoy yourself and you can buy osrs gold cheap on RSgole with various promos such as 60% off sale, save up to $10, 5% or 8% off and so on.The RSgole Team.



  Hello, RS fans. RSgole Facebook would like to have a weekly Mimic Show for a bit fun. Joining in our Mimic Show, you can get free RS 3 and RS 07 gold giveaways via RSgole Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Keep focusing on RSgole Facebook to make sure you have the possibility to get the free RS gold.What’s Mimic Show on RSgole Facebook?As we mentioned above, Mimic Show is a weekly event on RSgole Facebook. Each time, we will post a location on our Facebook, and then we hope you can send us a picture of you in that same location for a PRIZE. Well, get it? In order to let you know Mimic Show clearly, we would like to take the following event as an example.A vivid example for RSgole Mimic Show:1.What we want you to do:Where is our intrepid explorer?Send us a picture of you in this location for a Prize!2.What you need to do:Post your picture of the same location on RSgole Facebook. For example:3.Our winners-Chosen at randomBased on the pictures you send us on RSgole Facebook, we would like to choose our lucky dogs at random for free RS3 & RS07 gold giveaways. Of course, we will take into consideration of location similarities as a basic principle. Then we will post the list of winners on RSgole Facebook.How can you get your free RS3/RS07 gold giveaways?After we have announced the winner-list, winners must get their Prize code from Facebook admin, who’s the person telling you how you can get your free RS gold giveaways.



Thus, winners shouldn’t hesitate to send email to the admin on our Facebook page.Notes and Terms of Mimic Show:1. No any account information included on the picture you send.2. We would like to offer three ways at the same time to give our loyal fans the best chance. Entry requirements will be made clear at the time of each event on RSgole Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Choose the way you feel convenient to enter.Method 1: Join via RSgole Facebook: Method 2: Join via RSgole Twitter: 3: Join via RSgole Instagram: Late, illegible, incomplete, defaced or corrupt pictures will not be accepted. 4. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure your picture not to be copied.5. Winners can only contact 24/7 Live Chat service for RS gold giveaways delivery with the Prize Code gotten from RSgole Facebook admin.6. RSgole reserves the right to ask for verification of the identity of any entrant at any time and may carry out checks of any details provided.RSgole is always devoted to provide interesting parties for you to save as much money as possible. Focusing on RSgole Facebook, you will get the latest news of our activities for cheapest RS gold buying, RS gold free bonus, and RS gold free giveaways etc. Meanwhile, latest RS gaming updates and guides can be found there too. Like RSgole Facebook to join in Mimic Party and be one of our Facebook members instantly.The RSgole Team. Buy RS Gold welcome to RuneScape Gold

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