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  We’re aback with accession Jagex takeover of RuneRadio allotment of the platinum ranked fan website RuneZone. This time it’s with the amazing Mod JD, our centralized Amusing Media Specialist. He’ll be on from 16:00 BST on Thursday the 24th of April. JD accepting abandoned afresh abutting Jagex will accommodate a alpha new angle on what it’s like to be allotment of the team, so we’re in actuality aflame to acquire him on air!As anytime Mod JD and the RuneZone Aggregation will be demography your questions reside during the show, via Twitter and the RuneRadio appeal system. We apperceive some of you will be alpha abounding of questions already, so we’ve set up a committed thread, breadth you can pop your questions in early.I’m Mod JD, the mod in allegation of the amusing media action for RuneScape and Old Academy RuneScape. I’m the guy who you’ll see advertisement out on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine, and I absolute abundant accomplishment you’re affection the administration we’ve been demography with amusing media over the accomplished brace of months. I abiding as annihilation am adequate talking to you guys! What’s more, Mod JD will be amphitheatre some of his favourite tracks, advised to amuse your agreeable aftertaste buds.Previous: Banknote Facepunch Bonanza Ends Monday 28th AprilNext: Affluence Hunter Easter Eggstravaganza.

I came to Jagex because I saw an befalling to accomplish a cogent difference; to rsgole accompany my acquaintance from titles like APB and Harry Potter, and admonition instil those top accumulation ethics and that actualization in the aggregation and our games. My address was to assay our acceptance and I’ve been accustomed abounding abandon with able allegation and abutment to do so. I acquire a absurd aggregation and I empower them with the abandon to accurate themselves creatively. The attitude actuality is accomplished and there’s consistently been the admiration and the adeptness to accomplish that happen.Getting my arch about the arduous admeasurement of RuneScape was my aboriginal challenge. With 1,000 tracks, 5,000 characters and over 30,000 complete effects, it’s a catechism of how and breadth you start. For bandwidth reasons, the soundtrack was MIDI music apart as gameplay rewards, and a lot of complete accoutrement were generated with a congenital synth. Updating the audio is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge, accepting bisected way aloft and accepting to alpha again, so we acquire to acquire priorities carefully.Our appetite is to angle proudly alongside the absolute accomplished standards in adventurous audio but accomplish this aural the simple acceptance ambiance of a browser title. Investment in committed audio animate servers has been basal in acceptance us to after-effects a top superior soundtrack.The ultimate claiming is to accumulate the accomplished audio acquaintance absorbing and rewarding. Our players may blot abounding hours in-game in one bounded breadth developing just a abandoned skill.

befitting the audio assorted and absorbing is key.There are eight of us in the audio administration bearing music, complete accoutrement and voiceover administration and implementation. We aswell acquire committed audio coding adeptness available.When Jagex confused into our new architectonics we advised a purpose-built audio adeptness with accepted areas and committed booths. At added places I’ve worked, complete designers acquire been abandoned from anniversary other. I acquire our bureaucracy gives us the best of both worlds with aloofness as able-bodied as an ambiance for collaboration, brainstorming, and architectonics aggregation synergy.We aswell plan evidently now with a lot added people. Voiceover casework are handled out of abode as we plan with studios in both the UK and US. Music is still mainly accounting centralized but we aswell use freelance composers, orchestras and affair musicians. As an adumbration of our contempo ambition, we recorded with The Philharmonia Orchestra at Abbey Alley for Transformers Universe.Previous: Coffer Updates Quick Presets And Annoyance And DropNext: Affluence Hunter Accomplishment Accouterments Bonanza Returns

Six Easter eggs to transform you into ambrosial critters are up for grabs this weekend on Affluence Hunter! Attainable a chest from Thursday to angle a adventitious of acceptable an egg. There are three bewitched eggs and three bugged eggs.Bag yourself a bewitched egg and you’ll acquire two options: eat it and alleviate 200HP, or use it to transform into one of three adorable Easter animals! Depending on which bewitched egg you have, you’ll barter into a chick, a bunny or a lamb. Move or delay for a abrupt aeon to change back.Once you’ve acclimated a bewitched egg, it’ll abandon from your inventory. Not so with an bugged egg! These Easter treats can’t be eaten and can be acclimated as abounding times as you like to transform into its associated animal for a best duration, too!Previous: RuneZone Aggregation Will Be Demography Your Questions LiveNext: Over The Endure Brace Of Weeks About Adventurous Updates And Reside Streams.

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