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 Why the shift from participant character levels? In Torchlight Frontiers Gold a shared universe, Echtra wished to make sure that players of unequal expertise and skill level could have fun playing together and reap significant rewards. 

So if I am thing level 10 and I wish to go exploring with my less-well armed and inexperienced thing level 3 buddy, I just team up together and enter a low-level dungeon like her gear. All my equipment is pumped back to a lower level proportional to the dungeon's challenge while we journey together, but I bring along my unique skills and the custom taste of my abilities. 
I'm still powerful not dominant, while enjoying a challenge, and that I will help my buddy.
And while low-level dungeons drop low-level gear that is not likely to be super-useful for me personally, the market of buy Torchlight Frontiers Gold Gold and Ability Point drops are quite consistent between dungeons of levels in Torchlight Frontiers. So if I opt to spend some time helping low-level buddies, I'm still reaping helpful amounts of some meaningful resources that will make my character stronger when I head back to higher-level places.
Echtra also wants to emphasize variety, teasing undisclosed incentives for gamers building more than one kind of personality and construction ranges of more than one kind of pet. There is not a lot about the revenue model determined as of yet, however something that the creators wish to be crystal clear on is their understanding that in Torchlight, loot is something which needs to be mostly earned by fighting creatures and exploring dungeons, so don't expect an auction trading or house which amuses the loot market.