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Installing cheap plastic core steel doors in Hanoi
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Consulting services of design, construction and installation of steel core plastic doors in Hanoi, Repair and maintenance of prestigious plastic core steel doors in Hanoi, with years of experience, a team of highly trained technicians methodical, enthusiastic and active in being present after 30 minutes upon receiving customers' requests. We always want to bring the design, construction and installation services of steel core plastic doors in Hanoi, Repair and maintenance of reputable plastic core steel doors in Hanoi to customers, With the standard of plastic doors Your steel core always works in a smooth, stable manner. With skilled technicians, with young enthusiasm will satisfy customers when using our services.

In a home, windows are the place that absorbs the most energy. So, if designed in accordance with the feng shui of the house, windows will bring a lot of luck to your living space.

- Feng shui for installing steel core plastic doors:

Every day, you should open windows to receive new energy in the morning. This action is like you are receiving the pristine things, best for the new day from the outside into the room. However, you must also pay attention to the detail that the window must not drain the energy and luck of the room. So when building windows or opening windows, you should keep in mind some of the following guidelines:
Use asia steel core plastic doors to get more advanced features. Because steel core plastic doors can take advantage of the transparency of glass to attract sunlight into the room. In addition, the window should not be too wide. In particular, you should arrange windows on two of the 4 walls because placing windows too much can cause property loss. When making plastic steel core doors asia, you should leave a window open to the outside. Such a door can circulate and enhance a good airflow for the home, bringing many lucky opportunities for homeowners. Besides, the door opens like a harmonization between the aura of that house and the outside. Because, the door opening inside will make the owner shy, harmful to the gas.
The process of installing uPVC plastic door with steel core of TMAWINDOW

 1. Surveying the entire construction ground conditions, size of pending cells before installation:

- When going to the survey, there must be a dossier proposing the manufacture, installation and testing tools such as measuring tape and measuring tape.

- The survey work must clarify the conditions of the ground, the size of the waiting box and pay special attention to the time when the door of our door is put into installation, and whether it affects other construction works. is not.

2. Transporting doors to works:

- To prevent the danger of uPVC windows and doors during transportation to the project, normally the door is transported when the entire glass has been installed into the frame, thus reducing the risk of glass breakage.

- We must be very careful in carrying upvc door. Do not peel the packaging, throw or drop the plastic door. Do not hold or rub the plastic surface against hard objects such as iron or sharp edges and do not bang hard on the plastic door frame to the floor ....

- In the process of moving the plastic door, do not use the arm to thread the frame or door to be different.

- On the road traveling by car, there are many squirrels can be dangerous to the glass and frame (Broken welds and Glasses).

- When arranging the door, note that accessories must not rest on the glass (hinges, locks must not rest on the glass).

- When the difference must be in an upright position, not in an upright position.

- Stacking doors on transporting vehicles must be arranged on specialized racks and the standing postures must not be twisted and parked.

- Soft materials must be used as a barrier between doors.

3. Remove the glass and door from the door frame.

- Tools to remove glass must have a hammer, wood chisel 10mm wide and hand catch the glass to move the glass.

- Put wood chisel in the junction between glass load and the frame in the middle of the splint has a longer length.

- Using a hammer to close gently in the direction perpendicular to the chisel to penetrate deeply into the junction between the glass brace and the frame. Then close the hammer horizontally to let the glass splint pop out of the splint on the frame.

4. Bring the door frame to the wall, cushion the edges and check for straightness and balance.

5. Drilling of hole Ø 10 concrete to install mounting screws.

Note when drilling to hold the drill and adjust the drill to be perpendicular to the surface to be drilled, so when installing a new screw correctly and adjust the straightness of the frame. Especially when installing the door frame close to the edge of the wall, pay attention to the drilling direction to reduce wall breakage.

6. Shoot screw link between frame and wall.

7. Check the perpendicular and vertical to adjust the screws accordingly.

8. Pump of foaming glue.

9. After the glue is dry we proceed to cut off excess foam glue and silicon.

10. Install fixed glass on the door.

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