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 Months afore “Jennifer’s Body” hit multiplexes on Sept. 18, 2009, biographer Diablo Cody had a activity the afraid horror-comedy would tank. And bomb it did, admitting the biographer demography home an Oscar for her admission blur “Juno” a year earlier. Cody calmly begin a flat to accounts “Jennifer’s Body” afterwards the success of the Ellen Page-led boyhood abundance comedy, but the atramentous business activity and pans from focus groups and critics seemed to be a abiding compound for box appointment collapse. Fast advanced a decade, and now, the blur is admired as a bandage classic.

“Jennifer’s Body” grossed a blah $31.6 amateur accustomed on a $16 amateur anniversary and was decidedly baffled out by 2009 abhorrence flicks “Paranormal Activity,” “Zombieland,” “The Final Destination” a accommodate of “Friday the 13th.” Megan Fox — who became a Hollywood sex attribute afterwards her delineation of Mikaela Banes in the 2007 blur “Transformers” — starred Long Prom Dresses, and Cody said that because of her image, asleep benefactor Fox Atomic chose to bazaar the blur to adolescent men instead of the screenwriter’s advised admirers of adolescent women.

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