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Содержание золота на много выше чем в позолоченных изделиях.
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  1. ARTY


    Famed DJ/Producer and EDM heavyweight ARTY has built an international following mixing his trademark big-room anthems with downtempo electronica year over year.

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  3. Arty (musician) - Wikipedia


    Artem Stolyarov (Russian: Артём Столяро́в; born 28 September 1989), known professionally as Arty (stylized as ARTY) and Alpha 9, is a Russian musician, producer and DJ. He has collaborated with Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, BT, Paul van Dyk, Mat Zo, OneRepublic and Matisse & Sadko. His debut album, Glorious (2015), peaked at number 14 on the US Dance/Electronic Albums charts.

  4. Arty | Definition of Arty at Dictionary.com


    Arty definition, characterized by a showy, pretentious, and often spurious display of artistic interest, manner, or mannerism. See more.

  5. Arty | Definition of Arty by Merriam-Webster


    Arty definition is - showily or pretentiously artistic. How to use arty in a sentence.

  6. Arty - definition of arty by The Free Dictionary


    art·y (är′tē) adj. art·i·er, art·i·est Informal 1. Of or relating to artists or the fine arts. 2. Showily or affectedly artistic. art′i·ly adv. art′i·ness n. arty (ˈɑːtɪ) or artsy adj, artier or artiest informal having an ostentatious or affected interest in or desire to imitate artists or artistic standards ˈartiness ˈartsiness n ...

  7. arty
    artier (comparative adjective) · artiest (superlative adjective) · artsy (adjective) · artsier (comparative adjective) · artsiest (superlative adjective)
    1. making a strong, affected, or pretentious display of being artistic or interested in the arts.
      "television people and arty types" ·
      "a very arty film"
      cultivated · intellectually/artistically aware · artistic · enlightened · civilized · educated · well educated · well read · well informed · learned · knowledgeable · discerning · discriminating · with good taste · refined · polished · sophisticated · urbane · intellectual · highbrow · scholarly · erudite
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  8. Artsy - Discover & Buy Art


    Artsy is the world’s largest online art marketplace. Browse over 1 million artworks by iconic and emerging artists, presented by 4000+ galleries and top auction houses in over 100 countries.

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