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I mean, that may be what it means to you, but considering that they made a separate post on their website buy cheap runescape gold entitled "glider redeploy test" and specifically stated that they "planned to run the test for a week" which they hadn really done for their other "experiments", I read it as implying a limited time test. When they were experimenting with trap damage or explosive damage bleeding through walls or whatever else,

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You basically HAVE to pick up splodes just because you know in the end game someone else will 100% have splodes and there no counter to it unless you start spamming them back with rockets. Rockets were already stupid since they completely counter building. How in the fffff do you think people counter it now? You can even build 3 ramps to glide away. now you guaranteed to take damage.

Revert splodes back to how they were yesterday and figure out a way to make turtling less effective if you feel the need to change somethingPlease for the love of dog add this. People always just join my lobby when im in the middle of a solo game. I come back to the lobby and they just go "hey man lets go ready up". I FUCKING hate having to

explain that i want to play solos because that what i enjoy the most. They usually don even understand how someone can enjoy solos because most of my friends are pretty bad at this game. I like the competitiveness and i don like to rely on others to succeed. PLEASE ADD THIS. PLEASE just like pretty much every other change they make in the game.

I know what I do wrong and why I loose. I need pratice but my friends are PUBG fags so I cannot pratice in playground mode building fights. Only building alone and that is not enough. That is why I choose fights I have chanceto win because it will not end in 3 seconds so I can do more. As I mentioned I have only a little time after work so I am not into wasting my time on matches that last same amount of time as my presence on lobby island

This man has no excuse to be upset he's won almost 100k in skirmish money, plays professional fortnite for a living and doesn't have to get a real job or go to school for the rest of his life and he's only 20. He's can be a good guy but his attitude lately has been piss poor. I will say that's it's not 100% of the time but it's enough where I notice it more than once."

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