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 Jordan Brand “The Fearless Ones” series is the annual finale. A variety of co-branded Air Jordan 1 Mid debut, in addition to Guan Xi's white silk, there is also a "big gold watch" color matching has also received much attention, [URL=]Melody Ehsani x Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNS Fearless[/URL] will be on sale this week. Coral orange, rose red, light pink, fluorescent green, bright blue and other high-brightness, high-saturation color combinations, blending out eye-catching and bright colors. The "Golden Watch" of the Rolex shape above the toe is even more extravagant. Not only does it not exaggerate, but it has a very chic street mix. Both the midsole and the crystal outsole are handwritten with text accents, which is more interesting. Gorgeous and coquettish, unique in Air Jordan 1

[URL=]2019 Sneakers Release[/URL] can always attract the attention of players from all over the world. Just after we reported on the charity Doernbecher series in 2019 last week, this morning we have a pair of alternative charity shoes officially released, let's take a look! Unlike the previous six-child sneakers, the newly released Air Zoom Pulse is a shoe for the medical staff at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. The shoelace-free upper is easy to put on and take off; the upper is also covered with a protective PU coating for daily cleaning. Finally, with the Zoom Air midsole and the rubber outsole, the foot feels naturally unquestionable. After many tests and data studies, the shoes can be said to be tailor-made for medical staff; but also a pair of shoes that are very suitable for daily commuting.
[URL=]Cheap Jordans 2020[/URL] seems to be related to Travis Scott,Whether it's the rise of Dunk or the return of Air Force 1. But the recent stunning Air Force 1 is indeed too much, like the newly exposed Air Force 1 has a very good face value. The whole body of the shoe is divided into three color blocks, the toe is pure white, the middle is a brown white star, and the heel is a silver white wave. Silver Swoosh Logo, laces, tongue edges, brown tongue tags, and a heel-like material. The overall color scheme gives a rich pop art feel.

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 Took a look at the Tennis Hu that is included in the “Heart” pack and today we will take a look at the most hyped of the three, the famous NMD.[URL=]adidas x Human Made NMD Hu[/URL] As hype has gone downhill the past two years for Pharrell and adidas, a collab with Human Made could be exactly what the silhouette needs to get it back onto the track.While Pharrell has made the NMD his own, the silhouette has been recognized worldwide.Red is then added in as a Human Made Heart adorns the toe and features adidas Three Stripes embroidered in.The primeknit upper takes on an all-white look while a matching lace cage adds support and helps tie the shoe down. Red laces add a nice pop to the silhouette as a matching Boost midsole and black outsole finish off the design.

[URL=]New Jordan[/URL] don’t have leaked or official images to go off of, House Of Heat has us covered with a great mock-up of what we could possibly be seeing in 2020. This offering will be in demand by men, women and anyone who can get their hands on a pair as they already look like classics.Although we haven’t seen a tie-dye Jordan 1 before, the colorful design looks like it was just meant.While paneling is kept in classic white leather, Tie-Dye Aurora Green canvas floods the overlays for a groovy feel.Arriving with a color scheme of White, Black, and Aurora Green, they will match perfectly with another Air Jordan that’s releasing next year in the same colorway but with a patent leather upper. Black accents add much needed contrast on the midfoot Nike Swoosh, laces, heel collar, and iconic Wings logo. A white midsole and Aurora Green outsole finish off the design.
[URL=]Adidas Ultra Boost[/URL] does not get enough credit.  The silhouette has grown the community and got a lot of people into sneakers that didn’t consider themselves a “sneakerhead” previously. Yes, colorways are readily available at all all times and they aren’t limited like they used to but just because anyone can go in the store and buy them does not mean they’re a bad shoe.Each iteration provides a distinctive colorway from the others. An all white pair, dedicated to Seoul looks to be the brightest of the bunch as it features a white upper, lace cage, heel counter and Boost midsole.Now adidas looks to introduce a “City Pack” in which the shoe will take a four city journey to Seoul, Nanjing, Xi’an, and Tokyo.  Arguably will be a fan-favorite, the Tokyo variant takes on a pink, teal and purple upper that sees a black lace cage and microbial graphics throughout. It also features red and blue accents that look great on the all-white look.The last two, dedicated to Nanjing and Xi’an, feature black uppers. The Nanjing edition showcases a sunset-inspired Boost midsole that honors the Qinhuai River and the Xi’an honors the Great Wall with a bright red Boost midsole. Each showcase their designated cities well and have a great story behind them.

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 Nike classic retro running shoes Air Max 1 Welcome to the line draft Script Swoosh color matching! [URL=]Nike Air Max 1 White Blue Black[/URL] is a simple and elegant white, blue and black leather with different materials. The details are infused with red accents! The biggest highlight is that the shoe body Swoosh is complemented by a ghost line draft to create a unique visual performance. Presumably the effect of the foot is retro and exquisite and unique. It is undoubtedly a beautiful scenery on the streets of autumn and winter!

[URL=]2019 Sneakers Release[/URL] launches a number of heavy color combinations every year in the name of the N7 Foundation. In the Nike N7 series that was exposed this year, I found a pair of gorgeous Air Jordan 8, look at it! The black and gray colors cover the same year-old shoe type, and the large-area suede material application makes this color look very high-end. The biggest highlight is the Air Jordan 8, which incorporates a ethnically beautiful blanket pattern in the middle of the shoe. The unique print expresses a tribute to Native Americans. The heel is complemented by the label of the high-end wool brand Pendleton, which highlights the ultra-high specification of this color.
Durant is definitely a pioneer in the video industry. As early as 2017, he closed his personal Instagram and focused on the production of the Youtube channel. At the beginning of this year, I signed a valuable contract with Youtube. It seems that Durant also has a net dream. In order to commemorate the relationship between Durant and Youtube, Nike created a pair of exclusive colors. [URL=]Nike KD 12 YouTube[/URL] is based on the latest boot Nike KD 12 and incorporates black, white and red makeup shoes on behalf of Youtube. The red Swoosh creates a strong visual impact with black lines. At the tongue and heel, it also highlights the playful design of this color. The white base fabric is complemented by a lot of cases such as play, pause, subtitles, etc., and the KD Logo is also integrated into it, highlighting the relationship between the two parties. The details of the search box are printed on the insole, which is definitely a consonant color with a full detail.

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 Uninterrupted is a multimedia platform created by LeBron James and friends. This time, Nike and Uninterrupted launched a new and original custom-made shoe Air Force 1 More Than__, inviting the wearers to share their voices. [URL=]Uninterrupted x Nike Air Force 1[/URL] rear trim is printed with the words “I AM MORE THAN”, with a space “__” for the heartbeat below the heel stabilizer, and a blue and a black marker. Encourage athletes to write their own "I AM MORE THAN__" story.

[URL=]Jordans 2019 Shoes[/URL],As James said in response to outside questions - "I AM MORE THAN AN ATHLETE." Nike hopes to use this phrase to unite and encourage those athletes to extend the influence of sports to a broader platform. Such ingenious ideas aim to use the power of communication and communication to make people feel their hearts, unite and abandon the “tags” and prejudice; it also aims to transform the solidarity of the sneaker culture into a powerful propaganda.
[URL=]2019 Yeezy Boost[/URL] have always called it "Yeezy basketball shoes", as the first shoe that the Yeezy family officially entered the basketball arena, these shoes finally have a relatively certain name! Yeezy Mafia confirmed to the trend media COMPLEX that the new grandfather shoes will be named Yeezy Quantum, the latter word is the meaning of "quantum", which combines the nouns of physics theory. It seems that Grandpa hopes that these shoes can look like Like quantum theory, open a whole new world!

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 [URL=]2019 Sneakers Release[/URL] has always had a relationship with SoleFly, a famous shoe store in Miami,. After all, Carlos Prieto is the brother-in-law of Michael Jordan. With this relationship, SoleFly's sneaker business is doing well, and both parties will sell limited edition sneakers at the annual Art Basel Art Show in Miami. This year is no exception. In this joint cooperation, the two sides chose the air Jordan 10, which is relatively unpopular in recent years, as the design blueprint. It can be seen from the renderings that the SoleFly x Air Jordan 10 is mainly dark brown, the details are matched with black decoration, and the whole pair of shoes are identified. Extremely high. The material is made of large-area leather material, which is extremely luxurious. The silver tongue is the highlight of the whole pair of shoes. It is not clear whether it is 3M reflective material. I believe there will be more physical photos accompanying the release date. Out.

In addition to the new signature shoes every year, the LeBron series is constantly evolving. LeBron 17 has just been released this month, and LeBron 7 is about to return to its home a decade ago. And there is news that the red carpet color will be released at the end of the month, which is a big surprise. The [URL=]Nike LeBron 7 Red Carpet[/URL] is the first James signature shoe with an Air Max air cushion, and this year's LeBron 17 Air Max is back again, I wonder if it is a coincidence or a deliberate tribute. Continuing the LeBron series' early glorious domineering style, the traditional high-top style with leather material around the body and metal, embroidery details, classic and high specifications. This red carpet color matching is one of James's own match color matching, with black and white main tone with lake green and red embellishment, elegant and not lost. It is worth mentioning that the other color matching uppers use the early flying line technology, while the red carpet color matching chooses the Woven weaving design that swept the trend of the year. Under the premise of little impact on performance, the style is more fashionable and conforms to the theme of red carpet. This is the first time to re-engraving this color, which is more conducive to the daily wear of players.
[URL=]2019 Yeezy Boost[/URL] gradually increased As the weather progressed to the fall. The Inertia color scheme, which was called “inertia” by Chinese shoe players, also ushered in the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 version. Originally scheduled to be released on September 7, the domestic official website has not been on the shelves, and there is no lottery channel for adidasOriginals. Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Inertia continues the inertia color matching before the color matching. The upper is made of cyan and dark gray leather with a light gray mesh surface. The overall feeling is very refreshing. At the same time, the midsole is decorated with iconic coral powder, which is particularly eye-catching. The biggest highlight is that the shoe body is added to the V2 version's unique reflective strip, which is decorated with a blue-gray color similar to the color of the shoe body, showing a different foot temperament under the light. Compared with the Yeezy 700, the V2 version has a stronger sense of streamline, and the look is not bloated. The reflective design of the shoelace is matched with the 3M reflective strip on the side to enhance the eyesight.

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 Nike Air Max 95 has always been favored by trend players, retro shoes and rich color schemes, becoming one of the preferred shoes for the street. Recently, a new color matching Air Max 95 is coming soon. Nike Air Max 95 Black Pink is decorated with classic black powder tones. The suede, nubuck and mesh stitching bring a rich layering. The bright pink Swoosh Logo is embellished on the side heel and has a striking effect. Adopting the yin and yang color scheme of the recent fire, the black on the outside of the shoe and the pink on the inside form a bright-colored contrast stitching effect. The overall feeling is calm and has a touch of vitality, suitable for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons. The Air Max air cushion on the midsole guarantees an excellent foot experience.

Ruvis Scott x Air Jordan 6, which is rumored to be on the market this week, believes that many sneaker players are looking forward to it for a long time, but today 2019 Sneakers Release reported that the shoes will be postponed for sale. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6, which was exposed for the first time in February of this year, has already let everyone wait for too long. The extension is for the sake of continued heat and appetite. Compared to the anti-hook Air Jordan 1, the design details of these shoes are more and more impressive. The overall shape is made of suede, using Travis Scott's personal favorite olive green as the main tone, the details are embellished with bright orange, sharp and eye-catching. There are no small changes in the details, such as the original raised on the outside of the upper is changed to a canvas pocket, and you can see the Travis Scott logo. The right heel is printed with the “Cactus Jack” label, which highlights the unique co-branded identity.

The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 released some time ago has caused a fierce response, and the market price of the million has basically locked the status of the annual shoe king. However, the high market price has also caused many shoe fans to lose the chance to get on the sneakers. Recently, the Internet exposed an Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha, can be described as the civilian version of the barb Air Jordan 1, similar color scheme is believed to be loved by many shoe players. The classic flying wing logo on the side of the shoe has a white design, and Swoosh has no inverted design. It is almost exactly the same as the sky-high price. Friends who are obsessed with Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 may wish to consider this!

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 The Air Jordan 12 has always been a popular character in the AJ's generation, and the “Taxi” is the most popular in many colors. This gold buckle theme ushered in a new look, really makes people shine! The Air Jordan 12 Reverse Taxi still uses the classic black, white and gold colors. The fur and leather are stitched together as the upper. Even if the colors are the same, the layering is quite rich. Finally, with a white outsole, the whole pair of shoes looks very atmospheric. The most eye-catching is still the iconic gold buckle decoration, noble and gorgeous, highlighting the powerful atmosphere! At the same time, the tongue is matched with the red Jumpman Logo to create a strong Chicago bull atmosphere.

2019 Mens Jordans with The long-lost Nike Air Foamposite Pro camouflage bubble is coming again, and it is still a full-fledged purple camouflage dress, which has attracted a lot of attention after exposure! Recently, the network has re-emerged in new objects and released the exact release information for the first time! Nike Air Foamposite Pro Camo is different from the regular solid color dress, and the body is stitched in bright purple and dark blue to form a classic camouflage pattern. The outer black Swoosh echoes the collar and the toe is embellished with a delicate Mini Swoosh. The black outsole maximizes the avoidance of oxidative yellowing, which makes many bubblers very happy. The overall value of the overall value is unique and unique, and the upper foot must have a super high return rate performance!

2019 Cheap Jordan has always been favored by players, but the officially certified North Carolina University exclusive shoes are not commercially available. Recently, a Jordan React Havoc launched a North Carolina color scheme with a UNC Logo. Jordan React Havoc UNC is crafted in mesh and leather, with a classic grey with North Carolina blue. The heel also carries the UNC Logo, which shows the unique identity of the officially recognized North Carolina color scheme. For technical configuration, use the full palm React with the forefoot Zoom air cushion and the TPU stability module at the heel.

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 The various colors of the Air Jordan 1 are popular throughout 2018, and this year's new product launch is still in full swing. Recently, a new color matching network, Air Jordan 1 High OG Gym Red looks very similar to the "No Resale" of last year's fire! The main body is dressed in classic black and white, and the Swoosh and the upper are embellished in red, making the whole pair look more "first year". I believe this Air Jordan 1 "Gym Red" is not a small number of friends who want to start!

2019 Cheap Jordan has been working with the football giant Paris Saint-Germain team to bring PSG exclusive color matching shoes such as Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 5. This year, I will continue to work hard to create the theme of the theme with the same classic retro Air Jordan 6. The details are more interesting than last year! PSG x Air Jordan 6 is made of matte black and gray to create the upper. The red label on the heel of the heel is embroidered with the word "PANAM". The Jumpman Logo surrounded by the heel is specially made of translucent material with black shoes. The midsole details highlight the unique co-branded identity.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Since the re-entry of the Panda Air Jordan 13 last year, this classic Jordanian generation has attracted more fans. Recently, the Air Jordan 13 with a Laker theme color has been exposed. The overall appearance is very similar to the Air Jordan 13 Hyper Royal released last year. The theme color of the Lakers is mainly white and purple. The lychee leather on the upper is designed with a midsole and a very delicate texture. The fresh tones are also perfect for summer wear. The new color matching Air Jordan 13 is based on the Lakers' most classic purple gold color scheme. But it was actually to commemorate Michael Jordan's defeat of the Lakers in the 1990-91 season, winning his first NBA title in his career. The overall body of the shoe is white and purple, and the outer bottom is hidden. The yellow embellishment is added to the texture. The classic flying man logo also adopts a yellow design, reflecting the theme of Zijin Lake.

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 Dutch artist Parra has cooperated with Nike on several occasions to bring co-branded shoes. The Air Max 1 and Air Zoom Spiridon shoes, which were released last year, are novel and unforgettable. Now the market price is higher than the offer price. Earlier, the three-way joint Air Max 1 with Patta and Nike can be seen and recognized by many sneaker players. Recently, the latest joint shoes of the two parties are exposed. Parra x Nike SB Dunk Low is based on the classic shoe type SB Dunk Low. The upper is white with the inner layer. The inner lining uses Parra's most representative color abstract pattern. eye. Side of the shoe Swoosh uses a three-color overlapping design. The details of the tongue, heel, insole, etc. are also printed with the Parra Logo, which not only shows the extraordinary identity of the shoes, but also shows the distinctive personality, which is really addictive.

After Kobe retired, he did not fade out of the fans' vision. Not only for the active players to guide the training, but also for the youth basketball training. Zoom Kobe series basketball shoes are successively engraved, which also allows many fans to continue the spirit of Mamba in another form. Recently, the legendary boots Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Del Sol has been on the official website. This pair of boots with Kobe’s championship is dominated by black and white. Many details such as shoelaces and uppers are also decorated with yellow, and the overall color scheme is very eye-catching.

Nike running shoes Zoom Fly has gained a lot of popularity since its launch. Comfortable foot feel, smooth shape and good value for money make it a choice for many runners. Recently, the latest generation of Nike Zoom Fly 3 has ushered in official pictures. This time, a total of 4 color combinations, including the colorful colors suitable for summer wear, and the classic versatile calm color, meet all the needs of the majority of sneaker players for color matching. The Nike Zoom Fly 3 shoe continues the streamlined design while increasing the Swoosh ratio and looks even more exaggerated. The upper is made of the same Vaporweave technology as the ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%. This flap material is lighter and more permeable than Flyknit, preventing the shoes from absorbing rain and sweat. The neckline is also changed to an integrated design, making it easier to put on and take off. The midsole follows the aerodynamic design, and it is reported that it may be equipped with React cushioning technology.

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 The Yeezy 350 Boost V2 is one of the hottest shoes in the world. With its light and breathable low-cut design, the Yeezy 350 Boost V2 has always been loved by everyone. Earlier, yeezymafia exposed a pair of 350 V2 with the color scheme Yeezy 350 Boost V2 ANTLIA, which received a lot of attention. Recently, the new pictures of the shoes were released. The light yellow color on the sole, the lining and the details of the upper reminds people of the previous butter color, while the gray main tone continues the style of the angel. It looks fresh and bright and different. With a translucent hollow design, the breathability is further enhanced, making the demand for these shoes more popular in the spring and summer shoes market.

The release of the last pair of OFF-WHITE x Air Max 90 dates back to February, and the “The Ten” series co-branded for more than two years seems to have officially ushered in the end. But OFF-WHITE leader Virgil Abloh, and Nike's cooperation plan goes far beyond this. As early as last year's catwalk, OFF-WHITE x Nike's new co-branded series for women has been exposed. Recently, the OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 5 shoe in this new joint series has finally released the official map and confirmed the release information. The first release will be sold together with three color schemes, decorated in black, white, green and brown. The upper is made of nylon mesh and matched with suede. The shoes are decorated with exaggerated climbing ropes and have a full family temperament. The design of the large tongue and the inner signature is the same as the deconstruction elements in the previous joint name. Zoom Terra midsole technology, equipped with track and field running shoes, plastic nail outsole, and sports performance of professional running shoes.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Los Angeles fashion brand John Elliott collaborated with Nike last year to launch a new LeBron Icon, which has conquered the hearts of countless fans. This shoe features a translucent flap upper with rich stripe detail and a full-foot Air Max air cushion for sporty and stylish feel. Whether it is wearing on the street or playing on the court, it shows a good potential. LeBron James I also like this sneaker, and I have been on the go. Although the first color match is popular, the disadvantage is that the upper is too white and dirty, and it is not easy to take care of. Many shoe fans are troubled by this. The new color-matched LeBron Icon, which will be released next week, perfectly solves this problem. This time, the dark-toned upper design is more banned than the pure white upper, and the appearance value is still not lost in the first color. No changes have been made to the material of the upper, and the classic flap upper is used, which satisfies both the aesthetic and breathability requirements. Compared to the white shoes of the first generation, this black design is more stable and rich in texture.

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 As one of the most classic Nike shoes, Air Force 1 has already introduced a lot of color, almost every color are highly sought after shoe lovers, this is using the usual classic vamp different materials and design. Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite Pro Cup is different from ordinary models, these shoes using a design similar to the python snake scales in the foam material vamp, cyan and black colors and intertwined, so that the whole body of the shoe more layered . The upper is more cyan with pure black Swoosh, and the contrast color design adds a lot to the appearance. The sole is made of pure black, and the overall cool color of the shoes is a good choice for friends who don't like the style of fresh white shoes.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly one of the recent topics and the highest attention to shoes, low to help rub version also followed a wave of popularity, recently came online again Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Dark Mocha Pictures, in The design of the low-cut version continues the anti-hook design, the color is replaced by a dark-colored theme, and the upper is made of brown and black suede. In detail, the inside of the sneaker is printed with the red "Cactus Jack" label embellishment, and the embroidered cartoon face pattern at the heel makes the whole pair of shoes playful.

2019 Sneakers Release,One pair of University of Michigan in 2017 with the theme of the Air Jordan 5 "Fab 5" PE by the high-profile DJ Khaled drying out, the market price reached 100,000 yuan, the trench can be described as inhuman. It is rumored that a pair of University of Michigan-themed Air Jordan 5 will be released this year, which has made many fans feel excited. Recently, the latest pictures of these shoes have been released. Inspired by the University of Michigan uniforms, the bright yellow body is complemented by a black midsole and a crystal outsole that is unforgettable. Tongue using 3M reflective material, inside printed with "Inspire" word, followed by seam-standard design also replace Jumpman Logo, and then with the full texture of suede uppers, reinforce special status.

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 Today, "Deconstructionism" is becoming more and more popular. Inside Out has become a very common method in the design of sports shoes. Recently, the Nike Air Max 1 Inside Out with internal and external reverse design has been exposed on the Internet. As can be seen from the spy photos, the shoe is designed to present the lining, routing and shoe markings on the inside of the sneakers on the surface of the shoe, while the Swoosh on the heel is also mirrored. As for the Nike Air Max logo, it appears in the shoe. The inside of the tongue. In addition to the White/Gray/Black version, there is another pair of Brown/Gray/Red color matching networks.

In recent months, Nike has brought a lot of color to the classic shoe Air Tailwind 79. This time there is another Nike Air Tailwind 79 Baroque Brown to choose from. In the color scheme, the suede of the toe, heel, and lace unit is a classic brown, the silver-gray mesh has a retro Swoosh on the side and the blue accents on the lining. Although the colors appearing on the shoes are not too special, this combination produces a fresh and refined effect, which is very suitable for the season transition.

This year, Nike's "Nike Day" series has been very enthusiastic, and sneaker lovers have started to follow the brand's culture. Recently, the series has added another member. The Kyrie 5, paired with the visual design of "Have a Nike Day", immediately has a new face, and the lovely image of the sun breaks the cumbersome impression of basketball shoes. Nike Kyrie 5 Have a Nike Day is equipped with a colored lace unit on the white upper, and the "Have a Nike Day" smile on the tongue is very playful. The outsole uses a colorful mix, and a colorful wave can be seen from the side, which reflects the vision of the plan, making it easy and enjoyable.

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 UNC North Carolina's color scheme is one of the eternal classics of the sneakers. Compared to the previous Air Jordan 1 UNC's exceptionally fresh visual effect, this new UNC is more stable and easier to wear. The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG is paired with dark obsidian tones on a white background, and the campus blue is more versatile, while inheriting the refreshing temperament of the UNC North Card.

2019 Mens Jordans,After entering the playoffs, Durant's latest boots will also usher in a new color match. In front of the Nike KD 12, the familiar atmosphere of the Warriors is the main line with a refreshing pure white tone. The blue lining is matched with the Swoosh outlined by the blue line, and the yellow lace hole detail design is full of vitality. Delicate detail expression. There is a further surprise in the design of the upper and the outsole, which makes the new KD12 color more refined.

The combination of holographic effect and foaming material is coming again! In front of the Nike Air Flightposite One, the new color of the wind is once again presented in a specially designed "holographic" look, and the holographic foam texture of the unpredictable gloss effect is fascinating. In addition, these shoes also outline the upper with white thick lines. In addition to the subtle luster effect, there is also a rough dynamic vitality. The black zippered collar combines Swoosh, and the light-colored outsole lining the sleek body. These shoes are a new member of the “Wind One” family. They are definitely sharp and recognizable eyeball harvesters!

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 Friends who are familiar with Nike must know that Nike's classic color lineup has a sci-fi color scheme "Mars Landing" Mars theme. The iconic design of this color scheme is the surface texture of Mars or the Moon in the body of the shoe. After Nike officially launched Nike Air Max 90 Mars Landing, two new pairs of color schemes were also exposed. Interestingly, a total of two black and white colors were exposed, which were distinguished by Side A and Side B at the tongue, and the design blueprint was still Air Max 90.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Side A uses a large area of ​​white to cover the entire body, yellow Swoosh with a bumpy surface, and the surface of the moon. Side B is the opposite, black body with red Swoosh, full of texture. The two color schemes are also equipped with a crystal outsole, and a unique hand-painted makeup point is printed on the outside. The two color matching laces are designed to be similar to the cordon, while the inner insole is replaced with a high-profile cork design that highlights its unique identity. The nike label on the tongue, the exposed English, French, and Spanish MADE IN CHINA and other details, changed the classic dress of the past, full of personality.

2019 Sneakers Release,As a famous Komi, the NBA Spurs star DeRozan played Kobe's boots almost every game. In the playoffs against the Nuggets yesterday, he got a new Nike Kobe 4 Protro PE. The new color scheme is highlighted by the refreshing green of the lake. The bright yellow accents are added to the details. With the black Swoosh, the collision between the colors brings a strong visual impact, which is especially eye-catching compared to the low-key Spurs jersey. I thought that this pair is only used as the color matching of DeRozan's own PE. The market may be embarrassing, but today it is rumored that this will be one of the three UNDEFEATED x Nike Kobe 4 Protro joint color schemes this year. It is expected to debut in August!

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 2019 Mens Jordans,Travis Scott has been the new darling of the trend circle in the past two years, and the anti-hook Air Jordan 1 has even been personally up to Joe. It can be scheduled to be released this month, but there is no way to temporarily skip the ticket. Recently, the famous sneakers exposed PY_RATES exposure, Travis Scott x Air Force 1 Low will be released this year. The shoes were previously exposed by Travis Scott, and the uppers were designed with his beloved American West. The whole body is made up of dark green, denim blue, dark brown and light brown. The back part of the shoe also has a crack style decoration and a shoe strap. From the effect of the upper foot, the design of the whole pair of shoes is very textured, and it is also very consistent with Travis Scott's dress and design style.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The Shattered Backboard is the popular color theme of the Air Jordan series in recent years, so that seeing the orange with black and white makes players can't help but think of the crush. In addition to the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0, there is news that there is a crushing jet Air Foamposite One will be available at the end of the year. As you can see from the current renderings, the Nike Air Foamposite One Shattered Backboard features a cool matt black, with an orange outsole and a white Swoosh Logo for a cool, classic look. This solid color bubble, I think a lot of old shoe fans will not hold.

2019 Sneakers Release,This year's Jordan Legacy 312, which incorporates Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 1 and Air Trainer 2 design elements, brings a low-profile version. Another pair of new Jordan Legacy 312 Low will be released in the near future. The shoes are mainly light blue, Swoosh, straps and tongues are black embellished with white soles, which are similar to the classic North Carolina theme. They are refreshing and elegant with good texture.

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 Recently, various Air Max shoes have attracted much attention, and Air Max Plus is a popular shoe type. Recently, the SE version of Air Max Plus ushered in a black and white ink color Oreo color. Compared to the classic style, the Nike Air Max Plus TN SE version eliminates the rubber support strips on the upper and makes the upper simpler. This new color scheme is mainly black, with white on the tongue, inner lining and upper part of the shoe. The black spots on the black and white junction create a paint-like effect. Black and white splatter color matching is also unique, adding a high street charm to retro shoes.

The Air Max 720 redefines the highest technology in air-cushion running shoes in a different way. The scientific and technological shape, the outstanding streamline design of the shoes, so that all colors can present a unique charm. Recently, a new color matching Air Max 720 has debuted again. The Nike WMNS Air Max 720 Dark Pink upper has a bright pink-purple gradient to a creamy white, and the overall tone transition is smooth. The deep pink transparent air cushion enhances the warmth of the shoes.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,As more and more girls began to pay attention to the shoes, Nike also launched a number of high-profile WMNS series of shoes to meet the needs of the majority of women's toe shoes. This time, the Air Jordan 12 Midnight Black is dressed in pure black and decorated with gold buckles and gold bezels. The shoes are covered with ultra-high-profile crocodile leather for a luxurious look. Most notable is that the inner lining continues the leather material, and you can feel the comfortable foot feeling without having to wear it after the upper foot.

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 Although Yeezy's limelight has surpassed Air Jordan 1, the size of some shoes is still not a small increase. Like the Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green GS female code, the domestic market did not sell as scheduled, so the current market price is not low. Tomorrow, this Air Jordan 1 GS size will finally welcome official replenishment. The overall color is white and gray with lake green, and the tongue is complemented by a purple gold color Nike Air label, which gives off a thick and fresh atmosphere, which is very suitable for girls to go to the summer. Different from the traditional leather uppers, the use of textured fur blessing. It is worth noting that the shoe body does not have the “SP 19 Air Jordan 1 High OG” for men.

2019 Mens Jordans Based on the Air Jordan 33 SE, the color matching aspect is covered by Guo Ailun's favorite lake green, and the technology configuration continues the FastFit strap system and Zoom Air cushioning. The golden letter G on the tongue of Air Jordan 33 SE Guo Ailun represents the acronym for “Guo” and also the “13” jersey number. Guo Ailun’s motto “The direction of the heart, the body of the body” is dotted on the outer midsole. The heel shoe is specially added with white 8888 digital embroidery, so you can paint yourself DIY after you start. In addition, the outsole is lined with snow leopards and has a luminous effect, making the shoes more attractive.

In the spring return, Nike will also bring more arrogant color matching, and you will definitely ignite the desire to pick up your hands after reading. The Nike Air Force 1 Turbo Green color scheme is similar to the ones launched last year, except that the color scheme is a single blue dress. Different shades of blue, suede and canvas stitching body, showing a strong layering, while the light color is also perfect for summer.

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 This year, Jordan Brand plans to bring the classic Air Jordan 11 Low "Snakeskin" series back. After the news of the return of the Blue Snake was exposed early, the popular Air Jordan 11 Low Pink Snakeskin was also exposed to the sale of information and physical photos. From the physical map of the exposure, the new pink snake has a big difference from the old version. First, the new version of the serpentine part is darker in color, and the rose pink is used instead of the original pale pink. Secondly, the lining of these shoes is filled with bright pink, which is also very different from the old version of the white lining. Finally, the outsole, the old pink snake is an ice blue crystal outsole, and the new version is a milky white translucent crystal outsole. Overall, if the new generation of pink snake Air Jordan 11 Low is such a design, then the value of the pair of powder snakes does not look good.

2019 Mens Jordans,In the Lakers' game against the Nuggets yesterday, James scored 31 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists in the triple-double, completing the basketball team's Jordan regular season total score. And his pair of Nike LeBron 16 PE color matching is also very eye-catching. The color scheme is exactly the same as the Air Jordan 3 Lakers PE, whether it is the purple embellishment of the back midsole or the yellow embroidery on the tongue with the purple logo design, which is the perfect way to restore the most popular purple gold dress. The toe and heel show a black-text graffiti with a gray base, and the Air Jordan 3's iconic elephant bursts with a sense of sight. It is worth mentioning that the shoes are equipped with yellow and purple laces, and the heel of the Nike Swoosh is also embroidered. The woven upper with breathability and wrap feels with the midsole. Zoom Max cushioning technology gives Zanhuang enough confidence to dominate the arena.

With the official launch of the Yeezy Boost 700 "Salt" and "Inertia" colors, the Yeezy launch in March will also welcome a pair of new shoes that have received much attention. Earlier today, the well-known sneaker account yeezymafia officially released the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Geode official map, and attached that the color will be on sale on March 23. It is not difficult to see from the official map that the dark brown main tone is equipped with a raw rubber outsole, which is not only more resistant to dirt or the earth color that Grandpa loves, but also makes the 3M reflective details of the shoe body more eye-catching. The Yeezy Boost 700 V2 has made a number of changes based on the original shoe type, with a more eye-catching body contour and texture design, plus a large 3M reflective brace, which is highly recognizable.

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 Nike Air VaporMax has attracted the attention of many players since its launch. Whether it is the Flyknit version launched earlier or the 2019 shoe with flaps upper, it is one of the best partners in daily brushing. Recently, Nike Air VaporMax also ushered in its 3.0 replacement. After the all-black exposure, another girl's exclusive “South Coast” color matching network emerged. The apricot color is used as the base, and the new vertical stripes are woven with green water. The toe reinforcement is also applied with the same effect, which highlights the beauty of the upper line. Nike Swoosh, Flywire and the heel are all painted in black, in sharp contrast to the striking color scheme. The heel reinforcement design is consistent with the Nike Air VaporMax 2019. The iconic Air Max air cushion, also infused with a recognizable pink color, provides a good impression of the eye-catching index.

2019 Mens Jordans have already sold the pair of Air Jordan 1 High OG Couture Defiant on February 23rd. Although there is no clear release date in China, it has already released the notice on China official website. It is expected to be on the shelves in the near future! This time, the smooth leather with glossy luster is used to create the body of the shoe. The calm black leather surface is decorated with bright red "paint strips". The beige outsole is finished, and the calm and tribute to the "no-wear theme" is in the classic temperament. I have a high degree of visual recognition, which is unforgettable!

With its simple body design, Nike Air Force 1 has become the best “canvas” for many designers, and it has become more eye-catching as the theme changes. Recently, a child-only Nike Force 1 LV8 SB has really attracted a small catalogue. The white base is used, and the toe cap is displayed in a red with a basketball texture, which is highly recognizable. Nike Swoosh, tongue and heel are made of yellow felt fabric similar to tennis. The red line on the shoelace and the outboard upper not only exudes a bit of disintegration, but is also very similar to the stitching on a baseball.

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Nike Sneakers As the temperature gradually rose, it was time to wear a light running shoe to brush the street. Recently, a new React Element 55 from Nike will be a good choice for you. Nike React Element 55 is made of black as the base, with a striking coral orange Swoosh Logo, and the details are complemented by fluorescent green accents. It is worth mentioning that on the high-density fabric upper, a rare checkered pattern appears to make the whole pair of shoes more recognizable. The midsole is equipped with React cushioning technology to provide a good wearing experience.

In the past two years,2019 Mens Jordans has never been more popular, not only the frequent demonstrations of the stars, but also the streets and alleys. Jordan Brand also took the opportunity to develop more new generations of new models to hit the market. This pair of eyes, the new Air Jordan 1 Low Slip for girls, will definitely make you feel excited. The design was very different from the Chicago dress Air Jordan 1 Low Slip released two days ago, making changes on the Swoosh Logo. Created with a punching process, it is full of leisure attributes. The iconic snaps and exaggerated label design on the tongue are highly recognizable. The color is also a familiar taste, with a unique marbled pink toe, a splash of lacquer on the matte leather and a fluorescent green accent on the details, all perfectly restored the Air Jordan 4 “Silt Red” color dress.

Jordans 2019 Shoes is arguably one of the most popular shoes in recent years. The Nike SB series, which is derived from this shoe type, has expanded into a variety of patterns in the material and color of the upper.Recently, a unique scratch shoe Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 spy photos for the first time.Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG upper is made from beige and light grey leather with black Swoosh Logo and Flying Wing Logo. The tongue is decorated with the Nike SB label, and the overall design is simple, making this classic shoe more street style. From the spy photos of the Swoosh Logo edge, you can feel the pink upper under the vamp, and the insole is also very unique with fluorescent pink. If you can have a good idea, with a pink pattern with a creamy upper, it will be a very good scratched upper!

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