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Dans les dernieres annees le CH n'avait pas un bon wow classic gold 4ieme trio solide et cette annee, c'est le 3ieme trio qui se cherche. De plus, il y'a encore beaucoup trop de dompage de rondelle au lieu d'etre plus creatif en rentrees de zone. Les avants du CH ne sont pas assez physiques sir les trois premiers trios ce qui n'avantage pas le dump and chase.

"I was concerned for their well being."She sent him two emails asking about the electricity, but he didn't reply, and she also asked Berry's mother to suggest to him that he stay with his sister.Cotton wept as she recalled the last time she saw the girls alive, when she returned to Berry's home a day later to deliver a beloved stuffed toy of Chloe's. The little girl was wearing a pink dragon costume, she remembered.Both girls asked when they could come back to her house and she replied that it was supposed to be three days but she was hoping for sooner, she said."I told them that I loved them," she said, sobbing.Crown attorney Clare Jennings has told the jury that the father stabbed his daughters dozens of times each before attempting to kill himself.Defence lawyer Kevin McCullough has suggested the first police officer who responded to the scene made a mistake when he left Berry's apartment door unattended for five minutes.The officer testified he could not say whether anyone had left the suite during that time.On Monday, McCullough read an email Cotton had sent to a friend expressing worry that people were "after" Berry."My gut tells me he's in a very bad place and may have people after him, re: gambling debts. But at least he had the brains to not take the girls this weekend," the May 2017 email read.Cotton testified Berry didn't tell her he had gambling debts, but she assumed he did because he'd had a broken window that wasn't fixed for some time.McCullough also read texts and emails between Cotton and Berry sent in June and July 2017 that the defence lawyer suggested showed co parenting was going "very well." The messages discussed school lunches, stomach bugs and the girls' daily activities.Cotton said she was "in shock" because of the court decision giving Berry joint guardianship and she was doing her best.

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