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So Kerapac flies east of this needle location, (fossil island is towards the east). We will have to visit the historian in varrock and utilize our kudos to finally visit the illusive fossil island that's no longer fossil island. Hence the"property from period" title. It will be the first step to stopping as they are infinity stones to snap off the world kerapac who is collecting the elder artifacts.

(he has the mirror, the needle and the staff of armadyl however he destroyed the rock of jas because he had to break his relationship ). I hope regions of the property will possess skeletal dragonkin/dactyl races and other elements will have living dinosaurs and etc.. But I do believe that kerapac is currently using the needle to reverse the time around the island. Additionally runescape's instagram responded to a comment asking whether the island is a prequel to fossil island and runescape responded with something along the lines of"shh! Something like that" but they've since removed that remark. So thats my theory.

I only had an idea for a pursuit or storyline involving a female goblin called Uggy who, after living her entire life in Bandosian civilization which compelled her to struggle all the time and maintain her thoughts hidden, has all of a sudden began to explore these thoughts once Bandos perished in conflict with Armadyl. She is a very open-minded individual who is always willing to listen to others' views and take them. And"is we better than what Big High War God said we're? "Her past could draw a close parallel with Aagi out of Guthix's memories.
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