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 Review Greubel Forsey Balancier

In 1999, Robert Greubel (CompliTime Greubel, la Neuveville) and Stephen Forsey (Stephen Forsey, Bureau d'Etude et Prototypy, Le Locle) started working independently. In 2001, the two companies formed a partnership and established CompliTime SA. They founded Greubel Forsey in 2004 and moved to Ancien Manège in Chau-de-Fonds. In 2011, Richemont SA acquired 20% of Greubel Forsey SA. Nowadays, collectors who really understand clocks know that Greubel Forsey is one of the most respected and expensive clock manufacturers on the planet.
The dial can be used as a watch, and Balancier is no exception. In fact, this is one of the most complicated dials I have ever seen. When you consider the structure, I will explain it in detail, and I think you will agree.
Notice how the center of the dial and the hour chapter ring are displayed in different shades of silver/gray. The center part is made of nickel silver with nickel electroplated palladium coating. If you want to know why it is made of nickel, it is because this area of ​​the dial is also the upper bridge of the movement itself.
According to Stephen Forsey, “During the hand-decoration process, the surface is frosted, which is obtained by brushing the surface of the bridge with a metal brush.”
There are spots on the bottom, the bevels and countersinks are hand polished, and the side is hand-grinded grains treated with nickel and palladium.
This hour ring is white gold with a matte gray surface, engraved with hand matte, black lacquered hour markers and Greubel Forsey logo. The minute ring also has hand-frosted markings. "This decoration is achieved in a way similar to polished pure black, but the abrasive slurry used has very fine particles to achieve a matte dark color," Forsey said.
The hour and minute hands are made of blue steel, with a hand-polished counter hole and a slender arrow-shaped nib.
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