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 Principle of SHR hair removal

OPT SHR hair removal machine is effective and safe, which is very popular in the market like Singapore. The SHR is based on the IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light). And has improved the working principle.

SHR is a comprehensive procedure for hair removal. The SHR machine was able to glide smoothly and quickly on the treatment area. You will find the obvious results of hair removal before and after.

SHR hair removal is proven to be faster, less painful and more effective than IPL.

What is SHR hair removal technology?

The SHR is also referred to as super-hair removal. The system combines laser technology and the benefits of pulsed light for painless results. It is a sweeping process and not laser technology for permanent hair removal.

Super Hair Removal is the most advanced epilation technology. The results of hair removal are obvious and painless. Even the fine and tiny hairs could be removed by SHR.

Sweeping SHR is an "in motion" process. Pushing "In Motion" is a breakthrough in the permanent hair removal method. With this technology, hair reduction treatment is no longer painful and uncomfortable.

SHR offers customers faster, safer and painless hair removal treatments.

Is SHR hair removal treatment safe?

SHR IPL hair removal is a new technology for painless treatment. Millions of cases have shown that hair removal with SHR OPT is safe, effective and comfortable. OPT SHR applies the IN-MOTION sweeping method and the step-by-step heating.

The energy is reduced by 50%, but the repetition rate could rise to 10 Hz. Low energy and fast frequency ensure safety and efficiency.

What is the difference between IPL and SHR?

The SHR system could be a revolutionary focus based on IPL technology. The system shoots several pulses with low energy, the follicle heats up gently. The patients feel a warm feeling and a light touch. We also describe it as a warm massage. During SHR treatment, the handpiece should always move. Do not shoot at a fixed point.

How does SHR work?

The hair removal method with the AFT SHR technology consumes only 50% energy for permanent hair removal. The remaining 50% of the energy is absorbed into the stem cells for hair production. For this reason, the result of SHR hair reduction is painless and safer. With SHR technology, you do not need to consume high energy for a single pulse.

If the energy is lower, how could the treatment be effective?

The answer is the frequency. The skin is 6 to 10 times low-energy but with high frequency over the skin. We call this method "in-motion" method. The handpiece glides over the body area with slippery movements.

How does IPL work?

Unlike SHR, OPT IPL hair removal machine technology could not use the in-motion method. IPL is a solid hair removal method.

The study has shown that a slower but longer heating process is more effective for permanent hair removal. The energetic but short-acting IPL is not painless for dark skin.

With the SHR technology, the skin is heated gradually (90 seconds). The targeting melanin is low in energy (48 degrees) but high frequency. With this method even brighter and finer hair are treated and removed. During IPL technology, the skin is heated to 70 degrees.

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