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Every week, sister iPhone and iPad site FingerGaming rounds up the top-grossing iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad applications, as current that day in the iTunes App Store, and this chart is now available on Gamasutra.This week's U.S. revenue charts see Zynga Poker and Tap Pet Hotel earning top iPhone sales, while Smurfs' Village and Order & Chaos Online emerge as big sellers on the iPad.These charts allow end users to NBA 2K18 MT see who is making the most money on the App Store that day


It differs significantly from the Top 10 Games chart, which is ranked by sales, and therefore is dominated by Buy NBA Live Coins lower-priced titles that sell more copies.Data comes courtesy of Apple's public sales information. All titles in the App Store's "Games" category are considered in chart rankings.This week's top-grossing iPhone titles are:1. Zynga Poker (Free)2. Tap Zoo (Free)3. Tap Pet Hotel (Free)4. Angry Birds ($0.99)5. Texas Poker (Free)6. Words With Friends ($2.99)7. Smurfs'


(Free)8. Angry Birds Rio ($0.99)9. NBA Jam ($4.99)10. Zombie Farm (Free)Zynga's microtransaction-supported gambling game Zynga Poker rises to the top of the charts this week following a recent update adding a variety of new features and gameplay enhancements.Fomer chart leaders Tap Zoo and Tap Pet Hotel drop to second and third place, while EA's NBA Jam falls to ninth place after taking third last week.Here are this week’s top-grossing iPad applications:1. Smurfs'


(Free)2. Angry Birds HD ($4.99)3. Angry Birds Rio HD ($2.99)4. Texas Poker (Free)5. Trade Nations (Free)6. Order & Chaos Online ($6.99)7. NBA Jam for nba18mt   iPad ($9.99)8. Scrabble for iPad ($9.99)9. Galaxy on Fire 2 ($9.99)10. Fishing Joy HD (Free)Capcom's Smurfs' Village spends its third week at the top of the iPad's revenue chart, as Rovio's Angry Birds HD and Angry Birds Rio HD overtake Texas Poker for second and third place.Gameloft's recently released MMORPG Order & Chaos Online lands at sixth place this week, leading over the popular favorites NBA Jam, Scrabble, and Galaxy on Fire 2.

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on which games might be a good fit for IndiePub, "I looked at their website, and I was like, 'wait, these guys publish DS games.' I sent them a ROM and within a week they sent me a dev kit." Rohrer's excited to be working with Zoo and IndiePub to give Diamond Trust its long-awaited DS release. "We don't really have a release plan ironed out, but the idea is to sell them only on Amazon," he says, holding onto the NBA Live Coins idea that traditional retail distribution would be neither cost-effective


efficient for a game that's likely to have a very specific audience. "Just getting them into peoples' hands is the main thing... like we'd start with the smallest run we could get from Nintendo, and maybe sign and number them? We're still thinking of how we're going to do it." With the publishing method and partner at last decided, all that was left was to figure out the last of the game's "plumbing", and to add the music. Rohrer thought of  FH3 credits playing and recording instruments himself - and then


had a chat with his high school best friend, with whom he had, of all things, an industrial band back in the day ("we used to wear fishnets on our arms and everything," Rohrer laughs). This friend went on to become a career musician, and was looking for a new project to work on, and is now developing "dynamic, interactive sound" for Diamond Trust. For Rohrer that contribution is rejuvenating the project: "I was struggling to pick the game back up and feel motivated about it, and so


been helpful to have someone to talk to and get that energy back." Now Diamond Trust is on track for a fall 2011 release, he estimates, looking forward to a happy ending to the MMOGO story. Friends suggested various tactics, like Kickstarter, to save the project when things looked bleak for it, but "putting any money into it myself seemed kind of risky. And there's no way you can just make Nintendo cartridges on your own - putting any sort of money into it myself seemed kind of risky. They don't just give a license to everyone." "And then Zoo came along and saved this game from the eternal limbo it was in," he adds cheerfully.

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 The console under the television with a couple of joypads is another. Some conventions have fallen away (like the British microcomputer) whereas others have evolved gradually (like the PC). And more recently we have some newly minted ones like the tablet and smartphone. Conventions create limits, both physically and in terms of market expectations. Although the PC can support joypads it has never been a major home of NBA Live Mobile Coins console-style actions games, and vice versa,


the market expectations and publisher strategic decisions always play to whatever hardware the majority of the platform already has. This is why a peripheral maker might create a joypad bumper for the iPhone but it wouldn't catch on, or why flight simulator joysticks fell out of use. Balkanization implies that the platform maker and the publishers who support it think in terms of sub-groups of the market. They seek to FH3 credits carve out their niche and then own it, with the result that the


section in your local media store has many small catalogues of games for individual formats rather than a deep catalogue for a universal format. (Like DVD or books are). Nobody has seriously considered 'yugoslaving' the market in a long time. The last platform to achieve some measure of that was arguably the PS2, and it did so more by default and a lack of serious competition than intent. The more common strategy these days is for traditional platform makers to try and define their


of the market and then maybe make an additional play for more customers from that basis. That's what Kinect is, for MMOGO example. It feels more like establishing two separate markets with very little crossover (and the Kinect demos at E3 showing deep games adding very token amounts of camera interaction reinforce that). Sony's strategy is even more token, and Apple's iOS devices are very popular but as game platforms they have some unique constraints. So Nintendo thinks it sees an

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done, and wanted out. I considered quitting both powerlifting and game development after the FIFA Coins last bad overtime experience with each.In the case of the good overtime experiences, I was able to take the proper

amount of time off that both my body and mind needed to recover not just AFTER the overtime, but DURING it. The work I put during these smaller pushes was of higher quality, more rewarding in the end, and

most importantly, kept me engaged in I was doing and looking forward to getting back to it at full tilt as soon as I could.It can be argued that if we want to be successful, we have to push ourselves harder

than the average in our fields. It doesn't, however, have to have a negative affect on the things we are passionate about. We've all read the reports, seen the opinion pieces, heard about EA Spouses and

Kaos' "thousand yard stare." I've read articles on how overtraining has blown out knees, biceps, backs, and worse. Everyone universally agrees that too much overtime is bad -- bad for your health, bad for

relationships, bad for studio morale, bad bad bad.Smell The Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins RosesDon't let life pass you by.Overtime exists, and it's not going away. I'm not suggesting that it does. I'm not going to rant about crunch time

ruining lives. I'm not going to claim that my life has been horribly affected by working overtime or training too hard.I am, however, going to say this -- we all need to manage it better.I don't mean that we

need to plan better (we know), or avoid feature/exercise creep (we try), or never put in overtime (we will). I mean that we as individuals need to manage how we represent ourselves while working overtime. We

need to be conscious of the mmogo fact that people who are interested in what we do (powerlifting, game development, insert-your-interest-here) are going to look at us as an example.They'll see us doing stupid

things in the gym or working 100 hours a week, and see us wearing both of those things like honor badges. They'll see us tweeting about how we're "crunching to make the game better for you, the consumer!",

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that’s different. We want to stay faithful while being better. In addition to the gameplay changes, Druckmann explained that the transition to 1080p and 60 frames per second for the cutscenes involved taking a few steps back and rendering them all from scratch. It sounds like a nightmare, but from what we've seen so far, the finished product appears to be well worth the wait.Although the remastered edition isn't setting out to RS Gold  change the game, it's possible that a few minor tweaks will be made to take advantage of the PS4's hardware. For example, Druckmann tossed around a few ideas about utilizing the PS4's triggers to switch between shooting, listening, and crouching. He also addressed the possibility of putting the touchpad to use. Then there are some ideas of how to use the touchpad that we’ll


play with and see if it’s worth it. Mostly, we don’t want to mess with the experience too much, and we don’t want to rs 2007 fire cape   deviate from what made The Last Of Us so great. That said, it seems unlikely that fans will have any complaints about a lack of new features in the port. As long as the fresh coat of paint that the PS4 adds to the mix shines as well as it does in the trailer, it's going to be pretty hard to disappoint with this one.Are you convinced that The Last of Us Remastered is worth the wait (and the price tag) or will you be sticking to your PS3 version? The Last of Us Remastered is aiming for a summer 2014 release on the PS4.Follow Denny on Twitter . Edge Online 'Mario Kart 8 Review Roundup: Nintendo in Top Form. Over the years, Nintendo has shown mastery of multiple genresbut none so clearly as kart racing.


 The iconic series makes its leap to next-gen with Mario Kart 8, and early reviews imply that while the lower-than-normal install base of the Wii U may make the game the worst-selling in the series, the experience itself is a no-brainer.The first reviews have been released well ahead of release, which gives an idea of just how confident Nintendo is. The developers have had enough time to craft a solid racer, and while we've already made our case that they missed the boat on some fantastic characters, there seems to be more than enough to keep veteran fans happy.Whether it's the gravity-defying physics, the brand new tracks, or the re-imagined classics, it wouldn't take much to get every Wii U owneror those on the fence about the consoleto pick up a copy. Read on for some choice excerpts: Eurogamer (Simon Parkin):


Mario Kart 8 is a revelation. It's undiminished by familiarity. It may be furnished with recognisable props, faces, scenes and modesbut it's also the most vibrant home console racing game in years. Score: 10/10 IGN (Jose Otero): While it doesn't reach Double Dash-levels of risk and experimentation, Mario Kart 8 builds on the series' most essential aspects better than any of its predecessors The end result shouldn't come as a surprise: Mario Kart 8 is the king of the mascot kart circuit, and it gave me hours of enjoyment.. Score: 9/10 Polygon (Philip Kollar): It doesn't bring massive innovations to the formula, but it's overflowing in that Nintendo magic that makes it so easy to forget about minor shortcomings. Score: 9/10 Edge: Mario Kart 8 is as essential a purchase as Super Mario 3D World to

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 this incentivizing could be essential to the remastered edition's success.From its influence on Uncharted 4 to the possibility of RS Gold  a movie based on the game, it's clear that The Last of Us has a long and bright future in the industry. If the trailer for its remastered edition is any indication, with the evolution of console technology, it will definitely be interesting to see where the series goes for its next iteration.Do you think $50 is a more fair price for The Last of Us: Remastered? Where would you like to see Naughty Dog go with the series’ next iteration? Microsoft Store Posts 'Batman: Arkham Knight' Release Date for February. Rocksteady's final chapter in its action-adventure Batman franchise was initially due in late 2014, but has since been pushed back to a non-specific 2015 launch period. Although the


community was obviously disappointed to hear about the delays, the Batman: Arkham Knight footage from E3 2014 was impressive enough to Cheap RS Gold justify a few extra months in development. Although an official release date wasn't announced at E3 as expected, a new listing popped up online today that may shed some light on exactly when we can get our hands on that Batmobile.According to the Arkham Knight product page on the U.S. Microsoft Store, the release date for Arkham Knight is February 24, 2015. Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have yet to confirm the date or speak out addressing the posting. The fact that the listing hasn't been pulled down yet or the release date changed to a 'To be announced' placeholder seems like a good sign that the date may hold.Consumers with retail experience are probably aware


 that it isn't uncommon at all for stores to use a placeholder date for items that don't have an official street date. It's quite possible that is all we are seeing here, but usually those placeholders are filled by the last date of a quarter, which isn't the case for late February. Here's a look at the listing, as it currently stands at the Microsoft Store Iconic Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy, spoke out about the delays earlier this month. During the interview with Groovey.TV, he suggested that the game would be delayed until January, due to its massive amounts of 'awesome.' If the Microsoft posting is accurate, then it looks like there was enough awesome to warrant an extra month of work before launch. I have a massive game you may have heard of called Arkham Knight It was supposed to come out in January, we've been working on it for a year and a half, it's still not done. So it's going to come out next January, but I know everyone is frustrated. The reason it's been delayed is because it's so awesome. It's a little strange for a big AAA title with such game of the year potential to release just after the holiday shopping and

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around, as evidenced in the Medallion system. Essentially, every time a player loses they collect a medallion, and once they finally win those to <a href="">NBA 2K17 VC</a> medallions (up to 5 total) can be cashed in for more Iron Banner reputation.On top of that, players will have more rewards available for participating in the Iron Banner, either by completing IB bounties or winning matches to gain reputation. Those rewards will include new weapons, shaders, and armor pieces (gauntlets and boots) that will get players closer to level 30. Players will -lauded PlayStation Plus version were also absent entirely.Although Evolution then tried to address these server issues, the developer has not been entirely successful. Patches were released and Evolution announced that most players should be able to connect, but some gamers were still stuck – then things took a step back, with many


still need to complete the Vault of Glass raid to get all the way to 30, but this will bring them closer.And finally, Iron Banner 2.0 is introducing a new to <a href="">MYNBA2K17 RP</a> feature called Reforging that will let players reset and upgrade their weapons in new ways. We still don't know how exactly it works, or which weapons can be reforged, but the prospect is intriguing.Despite failing the first time around, Iron Banner 2.0 has the potential to reinvigorate the Destiny fan base with the promise of new gear, new features, and lots more bounties. Obviously, having difficulty connecting at peak times of the day. Just two weeks ago, Evolution again announced that there was still work to do to make the game fully-functional.Although some may have appreciated Evolution's honesty about the situation, it's been yet another AAA title being released with serious issues, and unsurprisingly


this event is focused on multiplayer fans, and it's nice to see them get a little love from Bungie. Having no way to get close to level 30 in PvP was a bummer, and now Bungie is taking strides to change that.All that being said, we'll have to wait and see if Iron Banner 2.0 succeeds where 1.0 failed. In practice, Bungie seems to have a handle on what they want to improve, but in reality they don't always deliver.What do you think of the Iron Banner relaunch? Will you spend considerable time in the Crucible event? BungieFollow Anthony on packs for free.Players will get access to the Ignition Expansion Pack and Photo-Finish Tour Pack, alongside two livery packs. This gives players a total of 5 new cars, 22 new tour events, and 10 new trophies, as well as 10 new livery items to play with online and offline. These will be available in America on November 25. Evolution


Twitter @ANTaormina 'DriveClub' Buyers Receive Free Premium DLC as Compensation. DriveClub's launch has been anything but smooth. Evolution Studios' racer showed huge amounts of promise, yet was hit with delay after delay. When DriveClub was finally released, the game itself was solid if unspectacularwhen players could even get it to work. The title was plagued by connection issues at launch, leaving buyers with little more than the Tour mode to keep them occupied, while the promised dynamic weather mechanics and a much plenty of first-month buyers of DriveClub have been left frustrated at the experience. Now, Evolution is looking to address how to compensate players who have waited for full functionality. In a Facebook update, the developer has revealed that those who purchased a full copy of DriveClub will receive November's premium DLC to

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on our upcoming fantastic review before ordering the zombie thriller, be sure to visit the cave when you jump in! Dying Light is available on RS Gold PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Could Ouya Find New Life Thanks to Set-Top Box Deal?. It looked like the Ouya was going to change everything. Back in 2012, the promise of a cheap, Android-powered console won the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere, and over 60,000 backers flocked to Julie Uhrman and Yves Behar's Kickstarter campaign. The Ouya blew through Kickstarter records, becoming- the fastest project to reach $1 million (it took a little over eight hours), and eventually netting over $8.5 million in funding.Then the console came out. Early reviews panned the Ouya's cheap controller and lackluster game selection, which mostly recycled titles from the Android mobile marketplace. The final product was a little better, but not by much; while the hardware itself worked just fine, a console lives and dies based on its game library. Ultimately, Ouya didn't really have one. Despite Ouya's claim that the console had over 16,000 registered developers, a killer app never materialized, and publishers ultimately lost interestThat's left the Ouya in a strange place, market-wise and the company seems to be floundering. About a year ago, Uhrman announced the Ouya Everywhere initiative, which focused on the


in China for fourteen years; the ban was lifted only recently, in January 2014. Since then, companies have flocked to the country, which is quickly to RS 2007 Gold emerging as one of the world's biggest gaming markets. Alibaba hopes to capitalize on this trend. While Alibaba makes its own set-top boxes (including the recently released Tmall Box 2), its gaming selection is limited. Alibaba executives are hoping that, by using Ouya's games, they can make the set-top boxes more appealing to Chinese consumers, driving sales of both the devices and other digital media like movies and television shows.Yes, it's ironic that the Ouya's game library, which doomed the console in the west, might ultimately be the company's savior, and yes, it's a shame that Ouya's promise of a budget-priced indie-focused console never fully materialized. Ultimately, however, Ouya now has the unique opportunity to convert millions of potential customers into dedicated, passionate gamers. Expanding the audience? That's good for everyone. The Wall Street Journal EA Will Give 'Star Wars: Battlefront' A Battlefield-Sized Marketing Campaign. The Star Wars story is one of the most well known in the world. It’s no wonder that Disney was willing to pay an incredible $4 billion for the acquisition of LucasFilm, and the rights to the franchise, in 2012. The mouse-focused media monster then licensed the


rights to make video games based on Star Wars out to publishing powerhouse EA. The multiple title deal saw EA pick up exclusivity for ten years, although Disney retained the right to outsource mobile titles based on the sci-fi universe.EA took no time in getting to work. In 2013 EA revealed that developer DICE, famous for its work on the first-person shooter series Battlefield, would be creating a new Star Wars: Battlefront game. The Battlefront titles were amongst the most-loved Star Wars video games, and immediately anticipation went through the roof. DICE has since teased that the relaunch of the Battlefront series will bring players to a number of iconic Star Wars locations akin to the original games, including the battle of Hoth.Now, it looks as though there is going to be more hype in store. EA has revealed that over the coming months, the marketing campaign for DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront is going to get bigger and bigger, with more details Ouya operating system instead of the hardware. More recently, rumors started that Ouya executives were raising the white flag and hoping for a complete buy-out.That's where Alibaba comes in. Alibaba, a Chinese-based e-commerce company, recently started making in-roads in the American software industry, buying significant portions of Tango, a mobile-messaging app, and Kabam, a mobile game publisher.


coming soon. The game itself is set to be released this Christmas. According to Gamespot, the campaign was announced by EA CFO Blake Jorgensen during this week’s Electronic Arts earnings call.EA are, of course, is not stranger to large marketing campaigns. The publisher is one of the largest in the industry and puts a great deal of monetary power behind the promotion of its larger titles. Dead Space 2 had a memorable – if controversial – campaign that involved commercials showing moms gameplay footage, filming their reactions to the carnage on show. Meanwhile, heavyweights like Battlefield are always tied to huge marketing strategies.The Battlefield comparison is one that Blake Jorgensen was happy to point out. “We think there’s huge potential for the title,” said Jorgensen at the EA earnings call this week. Jorgensen added that there would be “very large activity” in terms of promotion for the title, stating that the campaign will be “similar to how we’ve though about Battlefields Add Ouya to that list. Alibaba recently invested $10 million in the console-producer, with the goal of using Ouya's software library to make a play in the Chinese gaming market.Game consoles were illegal to

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 a peak figure of 45,398 concurrent players when it launched back in December 2013, by October 2014 that had dropped to 20,483. That figure did pick back up to Neverwinter gold 28,421 concurrent players in November 2014, but figures soon started declining again. This is especially apparent when April 2015's figures (25,784 concurrent players) are compared to May 2015's (13,104 concurrent players), showing that in just one month, DayZ's player base decreased by almost half.Some of this decline can be attributed to the release of H1Z1. The rival title is also a zombie-based MMO which has been been out since January, launching with some of the features on DayZ's 2015 roadmap such as player stamina and vehicles – but more importantly it was made available at a cheaper price. The other reason for the (recent) drop-off in concurrent DayZ players may just be the lead up to summer, as people spend less time playing games and more time outside in the warm weather.But this doesn't mean that Bohemia will have nothing to worry about when the cold weather picks back up. Not only will it be difficult for the developer to encourage new DayZ players to buy the game on account of that price hike (another price increase is planned for the end of the year) but the competition from H1Z1 will get even fiercer in a few months too. H1Z1's developer says


that they anticipate a full release later this year at which point H1Z1 will go free to play. If they can release the PS4 version of H1Z1 quickly to  Buy Cheap ROI Gold  Bohemia could be in some real trouble. Steam Charts 4K 'Fallout 4 Screenshot is Detailed, But Familiar. One of the joys of playing a long-standing series like Fallout is seeing the graphics evolve over the years. From Fallout's humble isometric-view beginnings to its expansive, first and third-person views that allowed players to fully immerse themselves in the detailed world of Fallout 3, the series produces improved visuals with every iteration. Fallout 4 will take Fallout graphics even higher, with plans to fully utilize ultra-high resolutions on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and modern gaming PCs. Bethesda is already tantalizing gamers with what the game is visually capable of, and has released its first 4K screenshot demonstrating the game's visual depth.Gamers whodisappointed to know that the screenshot is a higher-resolution version of one of the screenshots Bethesda already released prior to the Fallout 4 trailer. Bethesda has already announced plans to hold Fallout 4 panels at E3, so it doesn't come as much of a surprise that they seem to be saving new information and images until then. Even so, the teaser image obviously had a lot of work put into it to tease some of the most iconic


creations of the Fallout series, like the Brotherhood of Steel armor, Nuka-Cola, Vault-Tec bobbleheads, and some of the weaponry in the game, and those details are made even more clear in 4K. Click the image below to see it in its full ultra high-resolution grandeur.This 4K still image looks amazing, so playing through the Fallout version of Boston in 4K should be a sight to behold. The extremely high-resolution capabilities should act as a nice springboard for modders to work from, too. Considering Bethesda series like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls always get a bevy of mods that fine-tune the graphics even further, one can only imagine how amazing the game will look in 4K by the time the modders are done with it.Bethesda certainly knows how to keep gamers anxiously awaiting their next title, and the fan response has been obvious, with Fallout 3's sales skyrocketing following the announcement of Fallout 4. While this screenshot doesn't tease any new information, the trailer did offer many hints at what we can expect from the game. Fallout 4 will be playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and more release details are on the way from Bethesda’s upcoming E3 2015 press conference.Source: Fallout 4 Official Site Is 'Destiny's Tower are eager to glean something new about Fallout 4 may be


Located in Nepal?. A few months ago, we shared some evidence that supported the claim that Destiny's famous Tower is located in Chile. The Buy Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold  gamer who provided the information used the geographical landscape and the angle of shadows to determine the Tower's location.Now, another gamer, who goes by Fuzzoff on Reddit, has made a new claim for where Destiny's Tower is located. According to Fuzzoff, the Tower is actually located in Pokhara Napal, halfway around the world from Chile.While Fuzzoff doesn't use the same scientific reasoning that the first gamer used, the evidence is still fairly convincing. The main telling feature, according to Fuzzoff, is that the mountains in the background of the below picture of Pokhara, Napal are a perfect match to the mountains that can be seen out the window by the Vanguards in the Destiny Tower. Those mountains are even more noticeable over by Saladin.After comparing the picture to the mountains in Destiny, it's hard to argue with the logic of this