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 Fly ash is a kind of common industrial waste, which is easy to obtain, abundant in resources and cheap in price. Therefore, after coal powder production plant, it is widely used in cement, building materials, concrete, construction, chemical industry, agriculture and many other fields to realize the secondary recycling of resources.

Production and process of coal plant

The production and processing process of coal grinding plant is relatively simple. Firstly, a large number of coal powder raw materials are collected from the flue gas of the power plant, and then they are sent to the grinding equipment through the electromagnetic vibration feeder for grinding treatment. The grinding fineness can be adjusted freely according to the needs; the milled coal powder can be collected and sorted through the powder collector and dust collection device, and finally the finished product can be transported by collision.

The main equipment used in coal powder processing is the pulverizer. There are many kinds of pulverizers selected here, including Raymond mill and MTW Trapezium Mill. Customers can choose their own according to their own site needs and milling objectives.

1. Raymond Mill
Raymond mill adopts high quality materials, through continuous innovation and improvement, research and development and production of a high efficiency non-metallic mill, which can be fully applied to the grinding of fly ash. The structure of the equipment is simple, the system is very complete, from the fly ash block material to the finished fly ash fine powder can form an independent production system; and the quality of the ground fly ash fine powder is uniform, the purity is high, and the passing rate can reach over 99.9%; in addition, the equipment adopts the automatic centralized control device, which can effectively reduce the operation cost of the equipment and improve the grinding of the equipment Powder efficiency, reduce equipment failure, extend its life and enhance the operation stability of the equipment.

2. MTW Trapezium Mill
High strength mill is an upgraded product produced on the basis of Raymond mill, which is also suitable for the processing of coal grinding plant. The grinding particle size of the equipment can be adjusted in the range of 30-425 mesh. It has the advantages of small floor area, stable transmission, less failure, strong grinding capacity, long service life of the whole machine, high automation, convenient maintenance, energy saving and consumption reduction, and green environmental protection, but its price is relatively high.

Coal Powder Preparation Plant:

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