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The sports industry is one of the biggest revenue generating industry in the world. By 2014, the sector produced $60.5 billion in North America and was estimated to reach $73.5 billion by 2019. Even though the market is credited for generating so much revenue, it faced many challenges and emerging issues. This paper discusses the current problems in the sports industry.

There are some existing issues in sports, but the most controversial one is the doping that is the use of drugs that enhance physical abilities to improve performance by athletes. The abuse of these drugs has been acknowledged as being a serious problem affecting the sports industry since the 1960s. Doping is done by taking different kinds of drugs including anabolic steroids, diuretics, human growth hormone, and stimulants. Anabolic steroids are both synthetic and natural substances that help build the muscle mass of athletes thus assisting them in working out harder and recover quicker than an ordinary person would do from strenuous trainings. Diuretics are taken to facilitate rapid weight loss, but they are banned because they can disguise other drugs during the urine test. Human growth hormones are consumed to improve strength and endurance. Stimulants increase alertness and also decrease one's appetite. They achieve this by impacting the nervous system.

There are other issues in the sports industry like inappropriate conduct of players and athletes, cheating and bribery claims of players as well as officials, personal scandals of affairs and other personal matters like the infidelity cases of golfer Tiger Woods. Other problems include violent crimes like the case of Paralympics champion Oscar Pistorius and even illegal gambling.

The presence of these issues in the sports industry defaces the illegibility of the industry. Stern action should be taken by the varied sports governing bodies to eradicate such activities. This material was provided by Jaime Bradley who is a talented writer at source.


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