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Hidden camera applications

Some of the most popular applications for using hidden spy cameras are:


• Monitor your child's nanny or babysitter when you are away.

• Keep an eye out for your beloved elderly caretaker during work or errands.

• Monitor teenagers at work and on vacation.

• Make sure your employees or roommates aren't stealing money or valuables from you.

• Use them as components of your home security system.




Considerations for small cameras

Spy Pen or Spy Watch: When buying a spy camera, consider the type of disguise that best suits your needs. To observe nannies and babysitters, install a wall clock with a hidden camera or a fake power outlet in your child's playroom or where your child often goes in the house. At work, install a hidden camera tower fan in the office or place a USB flash drive with a hidden camera on your desk. If you need to be monitored on the go, consider spy pens and spy watches.


Storage: Video storage is another factor to remember. The Wi-Fi Spy Camera allows you to view and record surveillance footage directly on your smartphone in real time. If you don't need to check the video footage immediately, or if you don't have access to the Wi-Fi signal, most spy cameras accept an SD memory card to store the footage locally. When the recording is complete, remove the SD card from the camera and insert it into your computer to watch, edit or save the video.




Motion detection: Checks if the hidden camera provides motion detection recording. With this feature, the camera only records video when it senses motion. Not only does this save a lot of memory on your SD card, but it also eliminates the need to scroll through hours of unimportant footage when needed as evidence of a crime or misdemeanor.


Resolution: Make sure your infrared camera offers 1080p or higher video resolution. Due to the small size of spy cameras, they usually do not offer optical zoom, only digital zoom. Therefore, if you are shooting something in the distance and need to zoom in, it is essential to make the image quality as clear as possible.


Whether you're at home, at work, on the go, or with a hidden camera, there are several options that can meet your surveillance needs.







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