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Oh blast, I think I hear Reiniger calling me. The sooner we've completed with this mysterious monolith, the earlier we can move on to a digs! That Journal appeared worth the two'men' we burned through trying to find it, but a good deal of puzzles remain. To see all of the information go have a gander at the Runescape Archaeology Portal. Tony seems very excited about it.

Runescape Archaeology Journal: Everlight

Oh Tony... what are you up to now?!

As soon as I consented to forfeit my subjects, my wealth, and my not inconsiderable knowledge to your crackpot expedition, it was on the understanding that we would be discovering the fate of our ancestors, the vampyre strike force that bravely gave their lives for Lord Zamorak. So maybe you can explain why your little'Time Sprites' keep leading us into icyene

Regardless of your advertising to Guildmaster I must remind you that the icyene were our enemies during the God Wars. Suffering as you do from your mortal lifespan, I suppose you can't comprehend the problem this could cause, but let me assure you that a glimpse of our violent past is the last thing that our delicate alliance requirements. And a few old bones will be the least of your concerns when I find out you had anything to do with that blasted lighthouse! I am assuming that you knew nothing about it: which is, incidentally, the reason your blood is still sitting comfortably on the interior. Pay attention.


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