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There is a whole lot of independance in dofus.If you want to have the ability to obtain everything by yourself only from pvm then you don't understand how an ecosystem functions. Pvm players will purchase these and pebbles from pvp players. That's how it is supposed to be. You are a pvm player, you supply items in the form of gear for pvp players they need to purchase from you (when they don't decide to throw it) and later you buy pebbles in the pvp players (if you do not decide to farm them yourself). It is just like real life. You do not make your cheese, your laundry, your furniture. You purchase them from someone who makes you and them sell your work to each of these people who offered you the material. I would also like MORE pvp rewards as for now kolossokens are essentially the only pvp related reward that's bad for pvp players. And that comes from pvm participant. You can't create a pvp just or pvm server that is only since the game is based on the co-existance of both plus they cant survive without each other.

What's the benefit? The benefit is also the bonuses and fun. There is ava in teritories for every level so low level alliances can fight for gobball corner for example. Why you visit no level friendships? Since game is made for high level characters which I kind of like (since you have your complete game before you), but naturally it's sad because I miss the days of my own lv130 sram dying to soft oak. Grinding is not personality friendly!!! Especially with the fall chances. Why would you go with 4 of your buddies mat hunting after two hours you'd have few of the materials you need. It is discouraging and bothersome even. That idols were made, to reduce the grind. I mean excuse me I made less than 7 years to get 80 legs for my own hat.

To answer your queries, the GD Dofus team from Ankama sat around a table! Balancing dreams and fresh expansion, we take stock! Along with also a date for the launch date has even been awarded! Many subjects were discussed for an hour and a half that seemed very short, too short, and there is a outline welcome!

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