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A course dominatespoe currency - But why?

However, something should change. What is the most popular type in PoE? For weeks, the necromancer has been in the peak of the classes that are played frequently.

What's the necromancer so common? The necromancer summons. This has caused problems because the servers are brought by the number of monsters summoned to their knees and impacts functionality.

Yes. As most would have liked but the nerf wasn't as extensive. Since you can view, the remaining portion of the class has not resulted in significantly less necromancers. Because it is still powerful and powerful it remains the class. It's also one of those"lowest priced" classes. You can invest a lot of points in your defense without even being poorer.

Another reason is that the current league. In Metamorph use a fantastic tank or you have to move around due to the strikes of the boss monsters. This makes it hard for many classes to fight with the powerful creatures. The necromancer has fewer issues here. He simply sends his summoned creatures and holds back himself while other classes have to find that they can somehow get into the directors without taking much damage.

What is the issue with the other courses? One problem is that because of the controllers, transferring the protagonist is not too elegant or a little difficult. If you then have to aim and do not even know just how far a spell goes, due to the shortage of space information, the battles can quickly become frustrating. Comes in right.



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