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Underneath the Back: Ok, now you are just showing nba 2k20 mt off... and we like it! Move the ideal thumbstick down and then quickly release.

Spin: Now you see me, you don't! Rotate the ideal thumbstick clockwise and then quickly when dribbling with right hand, release.

Half spin: You see me, now you... oop, here I am back again! Rotate the right thumbstick at a quarter-circle from right to up and quickly release when dribbling with right hand.

Now get out there and shake your things!

Here's How to Pump Fake and Fake Pass in"NBA 2K20"

You too can pull off the saltiest move in the game. There's no drama in basketball than the fake-out. Even when you're a 6ft 11in giant earning millions of dollars a year, the second you're fooled by an offensive player who pump fakes a shot or fakes a pass, then you can't help but feel like a little kid again, back when your brothers and sisters used to play a game of'keepy offy' together with the basketball.

So, if you would like to send your opponents into that snivelling existential state during NBA 2K20, and give them a sudden session of regression therapy right now on the court, here is what you want to do. Nonetheless, we'll outline the right buttons for Xbox One too.


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