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I don't, my friends don't outside of one. Since NH bridding is not only about switching, it is not necessary to dominate. Though I hear PvP world hybridding includes AHKing. Oh and if you're tanking without a bulwark, always bolt back. The pker is going to need to take smite off, when they consume, they will do dps, and their stats won't be encouraged at all times when they just sip brews.

Have You Had Any Runescape Dreams?

I want to create this. I shall use it in about a month or so Should you post a story here. Leave your RSN or anything you need to get called, or in case you want to keep anonymous say so. I will begin with mine. I had a nightmare I was in the wildy, when I played ALOT. I was doing great and got a drop. Incredibly excited I catch it and head outside. Of course I get skulled, and I was caught up with by a bunch of pkers. I had a few when I was younger I'd get incredible drops or all of the sudden I vividly remember having such as a classic"bank vid" bank. I would wake up and be miserable and bad.

I usually have dreams of dying at Runescape using a full list of the stuff. I can not click fast enough to escape whatever situation I am in. It's been Varrock's center, PKers, monsters. Completely circumstances. I have a big fear of perishing in RS.Had a fantasy I obtained the Draconic Visage from my next Vorkath kill. I don't even know what one looks like and I have not even completed Dragon Slayer II haha.


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