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I hate the Classic WoW hype train up to the next man, but everything you need to realize is that vanilla WoW was there for these men. PSO2 wasn't. We were guaranteed PSO2 such as... what? 7 years ago? It never came. The people who wanted to play it already have maxed characters around the JP servers. So yeah, it is kind of difficult to be nostalgic for a game which you had the chance to play at the first place.I hope you like yourself. PSO2 isn't a terrible game by any means, but I wasn't hooked by it. Here's hoping your experience is going to differ from mine. It really looks really great for its age, so I'm not slighting it. More to the point they kept it from us in the West for so long that it's kind of silly to expect a lot of the lovers to really care at this point. I think a lot of the old PSO fans feel by asserting but not delivering for such a long time.

I am pretty sure everybody else here loves it. Not in my own circles. People today praise it and circle-jerk in the WoW reddit about it. In my view, it is not. There are games out there that have done more for the genre than one that became a worldwide sensation thanks to South Park in no small part and piggybacked from Everquest. Nevertheless, for Blizzard's first real foray into MMO gaming they did very well for themselves and ironically for an EQ-lite rip-off, countless new MMO's chose to do the identical thing Blizzard didn't EQ, and now we are in this awful stagnant mess that was left behind in the aftermath of WoW's success as a'normie' MMO.

You can enjoy what you like. I don't despise'cha for it, it just simply isn't my bag and I never cared for others saying it was the best thing in MMO gaming. I'm glad it's getting released, and WoW fans will have a place to call home again. Still, it looks like even the oldschool WoW player base can not concur with what they need these days; all I hear out of these groups is in-fighting about shifting this or changing that.


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