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I have just decided I'm going to stop watching Alex. I love 8 ball pool, and I admire him, and he's a great player, but it is only enormously frustrating to see him stand about interminably between shots and perform things such as aim and stand up out of his stance multiple occasions, etc.. It's like when he went on a toilet break.?

Noob at what? Determining skill or luck? This is skill and noob means participant that is new and you take action, even though it was fortune, why should? And don't say you didn't it because you seem like a 7 year old. Plus the ball thing alters in the to create a certain way spins so that it strikes on it. No one can do that with luck, even if someone does, it is really lucky?.It is called a banked shot... or a double shot... in case you strike two rails its called a treble shot! But I've never heard it called a cushion shot... plus a railway shot is similar to as soon as the ball is on the rail and you run it down to the pocket... not bouncing or anything. Source of information is... playing comp 8 ball pool for 3 decades.

Like the rest of us do???? they don't even call pots It's outrageous...the 8 ball pool can be the last ball near to an open kettle but loord or Walid will call a pot 5 kilometers into the back coverd by 10 balls.Thats what we call suggestion shots boi. When we play together with friends andcwe usually do them. While I play players that are random do only bank shots. You gotta purchase the cues my buddy in the event that you want to get to acquire high in this game you have to pay cash.


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