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This is something I'd expect. Just Blizzard had the original data. Personal servers utilize server code based on what was reverse engineered and since virtually all of the rewarding world data (describe mechnaics, loot tables, experience rates, AI, pathing, dialog scripting, etc.) had to essentially be recreated from scratch. Oftentimes they did get things wrong because of incorrect knowledge or improper assumptions. In other cases things were intentionally changed like adventure prices and rear porting new races out of newer DLC.One of all the things which I do hope they do is give us proper widescreen support. Widescreen support was cut erroneously giving widescreen monitor users a dis-advantage by clipping off the top and bottom of the display rather than raising the FoV for your participant. This was fixed by means of a 3rd party patch and later patched correctly but 1.12.2 base has this issue.

I don't wanna begin an argument , but taking into consideration the way we've been playing classic on personal servers is way different than the manner classic was performed back in the day, would little quality of life or balancing changes really impact tha vanilla experience in such a poor way as people claim? I mean personal servers made up worth and even boss mechanisms and people didn't mind and could enjoy WoW Classic anyway. Is it too mad to say that maybe taking advantage of some facilities we have now may actually enhance gameplay and so make vanilla more pleasurable?? I understand this isn't exactly within the topic, but my main fear of Classic is that the market won't be exactly the same. I believe people got used to create"big money" at the past few expansions and they'll purposely match the AH costs to get rich quicker.

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