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 As one of the hottest colors in Air Jordan 1 in recent years, the return of the "Shattered Backboard" kick-off rebound has been expected by many shoe players. However, the Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 , which was replaced with a leather upper material, has been crippled and oily by numerous shoe lovers since its exposure, and even named it "Shattered Backboard". Perhaps after reading this group of shoes account sneakertigger sun-baked new foot photos, can make a difference to this pair of shoes! The new color scheme follows the iconic black and orange dress of the clasped theme. The biggest point is that the upper is made of pleated glossy leather, giving it a unique texture. In addition, the yellowed midsole adds a retro touch that gives a completely different look and feel.

As the most classic design of the Nike family, Air Max 1 has been one of the most popular shoes since its inception. Despite the popularity of the shoes in the country, it still can't stop Nike from continuing to introduce a new color scheme for Nike Air Max 1. In recent years, Nike and Jordan Brand have repeatedly inspired in the manuscripts of legendary designer Tinker Hatfield to launch a number of popular manuscript-themed shoes. The Air Max 1 is no exception, and a manuscript color version will be released this weekend. However, the design is different from the previous manuscript shoes, and the two Air Max 1 emphasize the hand-painted texture of the sketch. The pure white upper is embellished with simple black lines, showing the look and feel of a design drawing. With the text of the upper, Tinker's drawings are presented to the fans in a three-dimensional way. The details at the midsole are also very hard, and the air cushion is lined up with black dots, which restores the special design of the Air Max 1 experimental stage. The heel is embellished with the signature Nike Air logo and legendary designer Tinker Hatfield, which is a high-profile identity.

The adidas Y-3 series, based on adidas' sports technology, incorporates Y-3's unique design elements. Recently, a new color matching adidas Y-3 Radito Racer is about to debut. These shoes are based on the Radito Racer, a polka-dot sock-style woven upper. The tortuous heat-fixing body supports the elastic layering for a chic layering. The midsole is equipped with Boost technology, which is superior in value and guarantees an excellent foot experience.

LeBron Soldier, as a favorite of Zhan Huang himself, has won a large number of loyal fans with good combat performance and low price. The newly released Nike LeBron Soldier 13 naturally continues the positioning and configuration of the series. Following a sleek design with no laces, the velcro strap design is simplified into two, one to protect the foot, one to stabilize the ankle, and a smaller strap attached to it to make the upper and the foot fit more Tight and delicate, with a loose neckline design, it is also easy to put on and take off. The pull ring on the Velcro is presented in a speed bump style with the words "completely locked" printed on it. It is full of playfulness and quite a bit of OFF-WHITE, adding a lot of fashion to this pair of practical shoes. The fabric-made body of the shoe provides a lightweight wearing experience, which can better fit the foot surface. The front and rear palms have a built-in Zoom air cushion, and the foot feels soft and elastic, providing a good cushioning effect. The addition of the midsole TPU makes the shoe body more stable, and the outer bottom has a deep herringbone pattern, and the slip resistance and wear resistance are very good. In terms of color matching, under the collision of a variety of bright color combinations, it forms the visual sense of Buzz Lightyear color matching.

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