adidas Yung 96 Chasm Release 7 Colors this Week |

Posted: 5/28/2019 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ]
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 Adidas Originals Last year brought the vintage-inspired old-fashioned shoes Yung-96, which is popular with its high cost performance and classic retro look. On June 1st, this weekend, there will be 7 new colors to be on the shelves. For sale. The adidas Yung 96 Chasm color scheme is suitable for the colorful colors that are suitable for summer wear, as well as the calm and dark color of the retro style, which meets all the fantasies of the sneakers! The details still maintain the complex lines and full contours of the shoes, and the current vintage style is undoubtedly providing us with more choices!

Since I came to the hot summer days, in the sneakers that everyone wears every day, there must be a matchless color. Are you still impressed by the Atmos x Nike Air Max 2 Light SP released by Air Max Day? With a retro silhouette and an avant-garde stitching design, it presents an unprecedented texture. Recently, a new color matching Air Max 2 Light SP is shown in physical form. These shoes are also available in a variety of colors, with a colorful summer atmosphere. The underside of the mesh fabric naturally provides plenty of breathability on hot summer days.

For adidas, Ultra Boost is a revolutionary running shoe. Not only has an outstanding sense of foot, but also has a highly recognizable outline. Recently, UNDEFEATED and adidas, inspired by the Stars and Stripes, created a unique pair of shoes. UNDEFEATED x adidas Ultra Boost Stars and Stripes are presented in two-legged red and blue UNDEFEATED Logos, followed by stars and stripes, and the tongue and midsole are embellished with blue accents.

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