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Bryant was all about the advertising and advocacy of women's basketball. His daughter Gianna, that passed away with him at the tragic accident, was an fantastic player. I am able to see 2K looking for the permission to use Gianna's inspiration and influence as a way to finally integrate female MyPlayers into the match. A step was taken in NBA 2K20 with the inclusion of the WNBA; Female MyPlayers is another stage, and Gianna are the perfect inspiration.

NBA 2K21 Wishlist: 50 Suggestions And Fixes To Enhance Every Mode And Communication

NBA 2K21: New Features We Can See In This Year's Game

Following Bryant's untimely passing in January, it seems nearly impossible to envision 2K's tribute to the deceased legend is over. They've admired him in-game with some electronic murals, but nothing quite as expansive as should be expected with this season's game once the team has had a chance to work on something more comprehensive. I'd expect to find some type of Bryant tribute mode, and it's possible it could be similar to the Jordan Challenge style from NBA 2K11.

The WNBA encounter differs rather than just a tacked-on mode. The WNBA have motion capture out of their own players and along with new commentary, it is enjoyable to perform with. There are dunks and the activity is faster. It includes all the teams and players and also a season could be performed with the league. NBA 2K20 also includes multiple classic teams including all-decade teams. These gamers are part of MyTeam and can be used in MyLeague. 2K receives the classic teams right unlike any other sport game has previously.


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