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As soon as you have the coins, then you have to go to the form, Navali. You may find her you may invite her to a hideout. Interact and select View Your Prophecies.

This may start the prophecy window, divided into segments. Here you can discover homes. Pressing on the Search button will show 1 prophecy that will appear in the area of the vacant nest. Prophecies are random, and unlocking each always costs 1 Silver Coin.

Alongside each discovered is your Seal button. Clicking on it will cause the prophecy to be sealed and reach the participant. The sealed prophecy can be reactivated by clicking on it to, for instance, finish it. You might also use it to trade with others.

To find information about a prophecy, just hover over it. Details of its fulfillment will be displayed - the removal of a particular enemy, the use of a particular item for this use, or the sale of 5 unique items to any purchaser to have a new random special.

You will find over 200 predictions from the game, every one of which are selected. It is well worth using this mechanics from the very start of the game, since it's going to often let you obtain a valuable item or substantially facilitate the sport - by, by way of example, enhancing the Armor Quality parameter to 20% using just one Armourer's Scrap item.



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