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They led us to a trove of the strangest artefacts I have ever laid eyes on. The goblins themselves made shields decorated but of intricate design I can not imagine they. I have sent off a sample to 2 of our very prestigious goblin experts to see if they can provide some answers.I do not understand what I expected. Neither of the Goblin Generals could tell me anything about the artefacts I shipped themand what's worse, several of the things came back with goblin-shaped dents in!

Interesting that they mention the Warforge! Though... that name has cropped up in quite a few of the Feldip Hills histories I'm reading. From what I can tell, it was a sort of army institution, closely affiliated with Bandos and his cousins. But the records don't say much about what went on there that goblins were shipped, and warriors came out. Scary stuff!

If there was someone intelligent out there that has no desire and understanding of goblin civilization they locate. I can not think. I'll check on the Monolith prior to bed.Goodness! I awakened just to the noise of something beyond the window. A letter dropped when I opened the casement to investigate further, although I thought it might be those shattered journal thieves again! It appears I have an source of advice -- and exactly what juicy information it's!

Well, what am I to consider that? A sneaky stranger? Surely there are less strategies. Nonetheless, it seems that this stranger, whoever they are, understands more about the Warforge! Than anyone else I have spoken to. To be safe, we would probably better not steal some more Journal pages. If you're searching to learn more regarding Runescape Archaeology, then you will only have to await the path into Runescape Archaeology videos, in which you'll learn all you need to know about how the skill works.

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