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Examples of what might constitute a breach have been placed in brackets next to the offence; a full list can be found within the Code of Conduct.  Offences in this category include: rsrs Real life information (posting any personal information about a user or JMod) rs Real life threats (posting threats of real life violence) rs Releasing confidential information (posting information from internal mod forums) rs Malicious links (posting links to other websites, posting phishing e-mail replicas) rs Real-world trading (glorifying the buying or selling of accounts or gold) rs Drugs & illegal activities (making references to drugs or other illegal activities)Forum Offence PenaltiesAny form of disruptive, offensive, inappropriate or dangerous behaviour may result in a forum warning, issued by a Forum or Jagex Moderator.

Severe cases of unacceptable behaviour, or sustained attempts at causing disorder may result in a temporary forum mute, typically lasting 24 hours for first time offenders. Further breaches may result in lengthier mutes, lasting up to 48 and 72 hours. In certain circumstances users may receive an instant 72 hour mute if their behaviour is deemed extreme enough to warrant such action. Jagex Moderators review all Forum Moderator mutes to ensure they are just and proportionate, and will reverse any action they feel is unjustifiable or not in keeping with the internal moderator guidelines. Users who present themselves to be prolific, unforgiving or extreme rule breakers will receive formal forum strikes from Jagex. Forum strikes serve as a serious warning that the individuals conduct is not tolerated and will always result in a temporary in game mute being issued alongside a temporary forum mute. Users who receive three forum strikes are permanently banned from the Forums. Note that extreme cases of prolific forum misuse can result in temporary in game bans being issued, with the most serious cases risking permanent in game mutes & bans. Forum strikes are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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