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Time gating the way that they time gate retail. Wonderful ploy to keep people subbed for an whole year while you trickle raids and articles into classic. Either way you'll be left with guilds running alt runs of all content wont issue and Naxx. Trying to induce WoW Classic to sense like vanilla is a dumb idea. It will never be the same and I'm sure folks will be amazed as hell awaiting new content to start just like now in BFA.I love MMO's but WoW Classic wasn't my MMO when I was younger. I did play with with it off and on on personal servers to check out it but never was my thing. I wanted to purchase it now but I hear that the new expansion is still cancer. What is so great that everyone loves? Might wait for this.

Who would you like them to perform after some time of nax? Move on to TBC? I think that they try to have a fresh route that is creative and maintain making raids and need to stick with vanilla. Perhaps give people an choice to transfer their character to TBC for those people that want to keep going, but I think after investing so much time and attention into timeless and when/if it succeeds, I would like it if they continued that layout philosophy.Now I understand the whole nostalgia thing but can somebody please explain why people would not want WoW Classic but using all the revamped graphics? Like change nothing but the graphics (which are unarguably far far better than Vanilla Graphics). Like imagine a version of Vanilla. Why are people that? Just interested.

LoL at individuals who think that they are going to relive the good old days.An MMO is equally as fantastic as its participant baseback when WoW Classic came out, the participant base were a lot of nerds who had great taste in games. (and were inventive and content creators).Nowadays, most of those people have moved on with their lives, and today WoW Classic is going to be filled with WoW Classic enthusiasts, people who cant let go of the past, and another blend of characters. Nothing as diverse and cool as the first WoW Classic lunch a decade ago.I know I am prob going to get a shit load of hate here. But I really hope they maintain the character models . I want classic to feel as though it did back in the day, but I dont really need the versions. Like I would enjoy classic with the graphics we have. Idk if they are currently considering it tho.

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