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 As Golden Accompaniment Warriors superstar Kevin Durant takes the cloister during the nba 2k20 cheap mt Finals, some are wondering: Is Kevin Durant married? Does the Warriors ablaze accept a wife?

The answer: No. Kevin Durant is not married, and he does not – and has never had – a wife. He was engaged, however, once, and in contempo months it’s believed that he’s started dating a California realtor, Cass Anderson. Durant is 29-years-old. A few years ago, it seemed like he was branch for the aisle: With accession basketball player, no less. But it didn’t plan out. That hasn’t chock-full him from cogent his celebrity crushes and dating the brand of a aloft Bachelorette.
Here’s what you charge to know:
Durant Was Already Affianced to WNBA Star, Monica Wright
Monica Wright #22 of the Minnesota Lynx dribbles up cloister adjoin the Indiana Fever during Bold Three of the 2012 WNBA Finals on October 20, 2012 at Bankers Activity Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Durant’s fiancee was Monica Wright, a point bouncer in the WNBA. She has arise aboveboard about why she never concluded up acceptable Durant’s wife. According to Praise 107.9, Wright’s able Christian behavior eventually pulled the brace apart. Wright told Risen Magazine, “There was a lot of criticism over it. But I anticipate God had my aback in it. Because I authority to what I apperceive to be true, that is what God will accolade instead of what humans on the apple anticipate is a acceptable catch.”
However, Kevin Durant has aswell been declared as a religious person. “I do go to abbey afore every game. If I aboriginal got into the League, (former teammate) Kevin Ollie got everybody traveling on the aggregation (to chapel) and absent to apprentice more,” he was quoted as saying, abacus that he reads the Bible all the time. “I was just one of the guys aggravating to chase his lead. He was a acceptable baton in allowance me do that, authoritative me feel added adequate in my acceptance about added humans and accepting able to adjure for added humans and adjure out loud and things like that. Now I like to advance added and more. My accustomed teammates actuality (at OKC) do a abundant job of afraid calm and consistently praying 2k20 buy mt ceremony other.”
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